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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wairere Falls, New Zealand

We took a drive to Wairere Falls. It was meant to be a gentle walk up to view the falls.

Luckily my common sense (named Greg) told me to take a pair of hiking trainers with "just in case". Glad I did, and that I actually wore them. Good thing I listen to my common sense, eh?

The start of the walk was pretty gentle, a nice path up. The forest lovely and cool. Slowly but steadily it got steeper, rockier and muddier, the two of us slipping and sliding. This is definitely not a walk for the faint of heart.

Even the stairs were steep and narrow. Some areas had steps cut into the ground, held back by logs - very very muddy.

The info board at the start said 45 minutes to the lookout. Well, I don't know who that was meant for, probably mountain goats. It certainly wasn't for us, cos it took forever to climb that mountain.

We could, of course, have just turned around at the lookout and gone back down. But we looked at each other, shrugged, agreeing we'd just carry on, seeing as we were here anyway.

Yeeks, the climb from the lookout to the summit was even steeper and muddier, through the sacred Maori grounds.

Hot and sweaty, the humidity levels climbing, the exertion was a fantastic cardio work out. We had sweat on top of our sweat, could even see the steam coming off each other.

There was so much mud that eventually we stopped trying to miss the muddy patches, jumping into the muddy pools along the way.

There was a stage I could feel myself lagging, exhausted and unbalanced. I sent out a request for help from my guardians, which made a huge difference to my energy levels.

But despite the surprise this "walk" held for us, we had a really good time. Everyone (there were quite a few people walking up and down) was grinning, friendly and happy. It added a little something to the day.

When we got to the waterfall summit, the wind coming up the valley was so fierce that it felt like we were standing in gale force winds and rain. Lol...but again, it was such an unexpected adventure. We were sopping wet, covered in mud and laughing. It certainly cooled us down.

The scenery, view and experience was spectacular and so well worth the effort.

We were blessed by the sacred waters of New Zealand - a great honour.

Stream meandering to the waterfall

Sopping wet

sopping wet

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