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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

This and that...


I unexpectedly find myself chanting this at odd times.

Many years ago, when Ashlee was a teenager still at home looking for "something", a friend of mine who is Buddhist, suggested that she attend some of the meetings.

We went regularly and one of the things that we picked up was the chanting. I really got into it and bought some beads and the Daily Practice book all contained in a lovely little bag. The bag fell off the shelf of my cupboard one evening recently while I was getting ready for work.

I've not looked at them in years.

Anyways, long story short, this venture into Buddhism lasted maybe 6 months. It was very interesting to dip into. I do this all the time - dip into something and then when I've got what I needed (not always sure what that is), I move on.

Briefly I wonder at times at the reason for the chanting, but have decided I'm not going to spend too much time analysing and simply go with it.

If you want to read more, go to the Soka Gakkai International website.

Stuff that I've forgotten over the years, have been popping up to remind me.

I used to run developing circles. One of the comments that I received quite often from those attending is that what I've forgotten, they've still got to remember. Lol...makes me sound as old as Methuselah. Since then I've always been aware that what I call "normal" may, to others, be a huge revelation.

Time just seems to fly by. The next thing I know it is time for my monthly Skype session with my mum and a few friends. It is always difficult because of the time difference (which is either very late at night for me or early in the morning for them) and the busy-ness of our lives, although my mum doesn't mind when it is as long as we can chat.

So, one of my friends (who lives in France) discovered that we can record messages on What's App and send them to each other. Lol...we have so much fun doing so and the time difference is not a problem.

Our daughter almost seems to have made up her mind. Her plan is to come over next weekend, but she is going to confirm for definite when she books her plane ticket.

We've both been wanting to go horse riding again. She went for lessons with a horse whisperer (again many years ago when she was a teenager). One of Greg's footie friends had a huge piece of land where he housed rehabilitated horses. He taught her how gain their trust and then to ride without saddle or bridle - simply using her body and visualising what she wanted. He maintained that whatever you felt and believed, the horse would pick up on. It helps you to become one with the horse.

I never got to do this, working and studying sort of got in the way. Despite riding for years when I was young, I was never comfortable with the mastery aspect, probably because I'd not yet mastered myself.

I found someone on South Island who uses horses to mirror back to us what we energy are putting out - Lead the Way. This sounds similar to what Ashlee learned.

It can be used with animals and plants - we should be in partnership with nature.

We were chatting about swimming. The fact that I can float for ages in the water without any help came up. I thought it was normal. I can simply lie on the water and float forever - I find it comfortable and relaxing. I was asked how did I do it. I don't really know. I just can.

When I pondered this, I realised that it's just an accepting and a knowing deep within my body that floating without effort is normal. I've never had any doubts that I can.

I suppose I should take this and apply it to flying, time travel, walking over coals, walking through walls or anything along those lines. Once it becomes accepted as normal by your whole being, it's possible.

At work this week, someone was complaining about how her friend never seems to appreciate any of the gifts that she gives her. She'd recently bought this friend a really nice shirt for her birthday, which she'd yet to see her wear.

I have another friend who, if she doesn't like the present, gives it to someone else as a gift. At first I found myself a little shocked, but really when you think about it, rather than having a gift sitting in a cupboard gathering dust and pretending that it was great, why not pass it on to someone who would enjoy it.

I read somewhere years ago that when we buy gifts for someone, it is usually something that we personally would like. I can see that.

Present giving should bring the gift giver joy. Adding conditions to the outcome as we do, takes away the joy of giving and makes us miserable. How the receiver reacts should be their issue, not ours.

Of course, when we get to live in an ideal world, we will always give the perfect gift.

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