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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Slam dunk

Credit card slam dunk

These words woke me up. I can only assume that I was dreaming. But the words were said so loudly and forcefully that it woke me.

What the hell does that mean? There has to be some significance/message that I am not getting.

Probably has something to do with energy - after all money is simply energy.

I did an internet search on those words and came across a credit scoring website talking about slam dunking credit score.

I can turn those words around to be significant in an energetic way.

It is time to be sovereign with our energy. We've all lent our energy to others, or conversely taken energy from others. Either way, in this world we've created, how we use our energy has been somewhat skewed.

I'm wondering if its got something to do with work.

Mostly I am always willing to lend my energy to help others. But lately, I feel myself withdrawing from doing so. Especially if it means I am making their pathway easier as it is not giving them a chance to actually learn the lesson i.e. how to manage their energy. I'm also being shown when to use my energy and when not to.

Let me explain. If for example, one of our seniors explains something to me, I'd normally jump in and say I will do it without being asked. But over the last few weeks, I haven't, simply because he has difficulty telling me what to do. I cannot keep on making his job easier. He needs to learn how to lead. I've been stepping back and waiting for instruction from him, but he finds it very difficult to do so. I have no idea why, but that is for him to find out - I cannot keep propping him up.

I also noted yesterday that I feel off kilter and ungrounded with this job. They keep throwing things at me to do that push me out of my comfort zone and at times I feel myself getting really grumpy. It is teaching me to be flexible. I always thought I was pretty flexible, but clearly that is not so.

I have a feeling that everything that I am learning at a rapid rate is being put in place for...something. Not sure what. I also get the impression that every time my boss gives me something new to learn, she is watching me, assessing how I react and how quickly I master the skill. This, I don't feel, is actually her per se, but rather a bigger picture energy that is asking the question - are you up to it?

What is "it"? At this point I am clueless.

All I do know is that these skills are stepping stones to something far beyond my expectations and whilst it may feel uncomfortable and at times makes me irritable, there is a excellent reason. I just have to follow the winding path, and at times, steep up and down hills, and mastering my energy as I do so.

Does this tie in with the credit card slam dunk. I think it does, but only time will tell.

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