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Friday, 18 November 2016

Hoo boy, I can feel myself caving in

Hoo boy, I can feel myself caving in. Help!

Our son works for Hamilton Animal Control as a kennel assistant. He cleans out the kennels, feeds (if needed, medicates) and, once these practical bits are done, he takes the dogs out to exercise and play with them.

He so loves what he does, spending lots of time with the dogs getting to know them. He is alternately sad and happy when one of them is adopted.

It has taken him a while, since leaving school, to find something that he is passionate about and, because he is happy, I'm happy. Every evening after work, he regales us with tales about the dogs and their antics.

He sends me pics of new dogs that come in or ones that he really likes. The way I see it, he is enjoying it so much, he wants to share his joy. At the same time, and unbeknownst to him (or maybe he knows I'm a soft touch - yeah that may be it!), he is wearing me down. If he could, he'd adopt all of them, even those who are dangerous.

Here is what we do know and the main reason we are resisting - when an animal is brought home, it is mum and dad who land up looking after the dog. And secondly, Traevis is only here on a gap year visa, so if he goes back to the UK, who is left with the dog?

When we didn't take the bait about adopting, it became the theme of fostering. Now that has slid away to be replaced by weekend visits. Many of the workers take dogs, who've been there a while, home with them to give them a break.

His latest "love" is Scraggles, an older mongrel who may be a border collie/terrier cross, found wandering the streets. No-one has claimed him, and because he is an older dog, there isn't much interest in adopting him.

Stand strong, Karen, stand strong.

P.S. If there is anyone who lives in NZ, please have a look and see if you'd like to adopt a dog.

Hamilton Adopt A Dog

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