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Friday, 11 February 2011

Sleep deprivation and energy

As a sleep technician diagnosing and treating sleeping disorders it never fails to astound me how little regard is given to sleep. In today’s society it is expected that we burn the candle at both ends thereby cutting down on that life giving, replenishing and nurturing time your body needs. This tends to create a cycle of destruction as the more sleep deprived you are the less energy you have and leads to depression, cardiac problems, high blood pressure and diabetes, to mention a few.

Sleep medicine is a relatively new science so it is still in the early stages of research.

Sleep is incredibly important in that it is the one time our body has a chance to rejuvenate and replenish. I see day and night the results of sleep deprivation both scientifically and energetically. Despite this, I love my job and found my niche when I fell into it ‘accidentally’. Compared to the hard, stressy, world of law, the world of medicine is compassionate. Well, that’s what I have found in my last 6 years working in this field.

My main specialty is that of apnoea or stopping breathing in your sleep. This is not restricted to middle aged overweight men. We are seeing more and more women, young adults, teenagers and children. Our success rate is very high, and the ability to treat and see the happiness of the patients, who for years have struggled with the problem, is a great boost. Many patients have no idea why they have been referred to us and have suffered for years with tiredness, lack of motivation and burgeoning weight problem. No-one in the medical profession has been able to shed any light – until they get to us – which is normally a last resort.

We have touched on insomnia, parasomnias, cataplexy and narcolepsy. This year our serious training started not only for all the technicians but also for the consultants. We are learning as we go along. This makes for an intriguing career, as there is never a dull moment – especially at night when we see all kinds of rituals, sleep induced reactions, night terrors, sleep walking and talking. You might think we have seen it all, but we still have surprises, which leads to new investigations, learning and research.

As with everything we learn from our patients and they learn from us. A cycle of give and take. Although, it is mostly us giving and them taking in their desperation to find a solution. We do have a majority of patients who take an interest in the diagnosis and investigate it further, but there are the odd few who dump the responsibility squarely in our laps thereby handing us their power. I understand that they believe we know more than they do. But if you have a problem don’t you research it exhaustively? I know I do, but maybe that’s just me. I never take anything as the truth, because that’s just spewing someone else’s ideas. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient taking responsibility for their healing.

Energetically I see the patients that arrive at our centre carrying enormous amounts of stuck energy. Quite often they just want to sit and talk about their problems and mostly we sit patiently and listen. This is when the dumping of energy begins. Regularly I have to clear out the centre. As we are not on the hospital estate, it makes it easier. When we were part of the hospital it was more difficult as it is huge and all the energy dumped there seeped into every part of the hospital. There is nothing worse than seeing a caring medical professional walking around with loads of grey energy weighing him/her down.

Patients come to us in the hope that we can solve their problems, and mostly we do, but the parasomnias and insomnia are much more difficult. The brain and body are very complex scientifically and energetically. It is a bit like unwinding a tangled ball of wool.

When we first moved in 2007 I decided to place the centre in a safe space thinking that it would attract those that really would like to move on and weed out the rest. After having a waiting list of 9 months for years it suddenly dwindled to a trickle – so much so that we had to cancel nights. Everyone was scratching their head and wondering why – me sitting nodding in agreement at the puzzle. After a few months I lifted the safe space and the referrals flooded in. I tried again the following year and the same thing happened.

Since then I’ve decided to stop interfering and let the centre make its own way. I make sure I’m protected so don’t land up picking up any negative energy or entities that come through the door.

But you know when negative energy flows toward you it does not necessarily want to latch on to you to make your life a misery. Dark energy is attracted to light energy, and vice versa. We are able to transmute this energy back to its true form of love, once its mission is complete. Dark energy is around us to help us to understand and learn. It has transformed out of love into that which we need at the time.

So as this dark energy comes in through the front door of the centre and is left there, I know its main reason for staying is that the patient no longer needs it and it is looking to change. So I oblige it and have seen the most amazing transformations of energy, thereby making the centre bright and light.

But don't take my word for it...

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