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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Merkaba

Following on from my blog The Power of being a woman...

After a great deal of introspection, despite a hectic working life, and with the assistance and encouragement from a friend (thank you Jose), I finally came to a realisation, the implication of which I have yet to come to terms with.

Many years ago I attended a Flower of Life workshop and learnt the Merkaba meditation. I practised all 14 breaths diligently for three months and then slowly slid into "couldn’t be bothered mode". On and off I do the first six breaths to clear my body but that’s pretty much all. Ron Holt (the facilitator) and Drunvalo had both stressed the need to be sure that we could cope with the first 14 breaths before moving on to the next three, the final 18th breath to be delivered by our higher self when we were ready.

In a recent blog when I mentioned the mandalas I’d been seeing, my friend wondered whether it was to do with my very own spaceship. I puzzled this over and then a light went on. The Merkaba is our very own spaceship. When this pinged into place I could then understand what was happening.

I hauled out the paperwork we received from the workshop (yes I still have it and the videos even though it is 14 years later!) and skimmed through the information. Once the first 14 breaths have been mastered and you are confident enough to proceed to the next 3 you have to be sure that you can cope with it because it morphs into a forcefield around the body. I remember Drunvalo comparing it to the same field we see around planets. Through the use of our thoughts we are able to use this field to travel around the universe.

This then resonated with the messages that Lighted Loving have been delivering when they stress the need for simplicity and transparency. If our thoughts are chaotic and we carry a great deal of negativity and we activate our Merkaba, it could potentially place us in very difficult situations.

I remember Drunvalo talking about the Philadelphia experiment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment in which it was attempted to place a ship of men within a Merkaba field. It went horribly wrong and some of the men’s forcefields were so out of alignment that they were unstable and were constantly winking in and out of existence and into different realities and time zones. Others were stuck into solid parts of the ship.

In the back of my mind was this warning and I know that was the reason I stopped practising the Merkaba meditation. I knew I was not ready for it. As a result when it presented itself in the form of the moving mandalas, I felt a great deal of fear but I didn’t know why.

I figure it would not have made itself known unless I was ready to start practising the breaths. My higher self confirmed this but I am not yet ready to receive the 18th breath.

I have been practising the first 14 breaths regularly every day for the last few days. This has effectively placed me within the activated Merkaba. It was very moving and I found myself breathless with anticipation so much so that I would bring myself out of it. The potential of what I face is breathtaking and completely mindblowing - teleportation and moving through what we perceive as solid objects.

Once again I am reminded of an intention I created approximately five years ago. As we live so far from family and friends, many of whom are dotted across the world, I thought it would be great to be able to pop in and out of their lives without having to climb on a plane and pack a bag or make sure my two passports were always up to date. Have I created this? Only time will tell.

This all goes to show that we don’t need to always go down a certain path to reach where we need to be. Any path you take is perfect for each individual and all of them lead to the same place.

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