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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The power of being a woman

I cannot express very well in words the power that has been unleashed. Practising kegel or PC exercises, swinging hips whilst walking and dancing with the pelvis moving in a figure of 8 not only strengthens the muscles in the root and sacral area but also enhances the power. I have been doing this for a long time and have felt the effects, but finally the penny dropped last week. In fact it wasn’t a penny it was the whole treasure chest!

The true strength of being a woman has taken on meaning as it stops being a partial knowing and partial intellectual understanding and becomes a way of being that the body understands right down to the smallest cell. It is almost as though the whole body is involved in this surge of what I can only describe as an all encompassing power. The energy expands as it fills with ...definitely feminine...but it’s more than feminine, energy. It is a sort of creative strength that feels as though I am the world, possibly the universe. It moves past the subtle power of being a woman into a fully empowered being. It’s an expansion of who I am as a female that has the ability to crush or create.

I feel humbled in the presence of this power, although I know it’s mine. How does one wield it without causing mayhem? This tends to hold me back as I view myself as being so far down the rung of enlightenment compared with, for example, the creator gods. In embracing this vast power I affect others around me. Do I have the presence of mind not to destroy something without thinking?

This sudden expansion for me lately has given a new meaning to the words "the power of being a woman". Am I the destroyer and the creator together? It is the most exhilarating and frightening feeling of power. Needless to say, since I had this revelation I’ve been slightly frightened of what will happen with the power of an orgasm and as a result tend to start having one, then stop breathing and shut down resulting in a massively blinding headache and sore throat. Pretty much like trying to stop an explosive sneeze from happening.

I’m truly grateful that I have a more nurturing than destructive side. My withdrawal and introspection will continue until I know what to do with this new part of me.

Lately I’ve also noticed that the energy is forming into mandalas around me as I move my hips and when I am happy and laughing. I have been puzzled as to why and have slipped into the logical, analytical side of my brain instead of simply being with it and allowing the answers to come to me. Is this part of the same revelation?

I suppose the lesson in all of this is that I need to create an intention, let go and allow whatever needs to happen, happen. Or...maybe I’m being presumptuous in imagining the power is that great?

Jeepers, am I good at holding myself back or what?

Hmm...maybe I should take up fishing instead.

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