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Thursday, 5 November 2015

UK versus NZ

Amazing what a few supportive and good friends can do. Their suggestions are varied and very helpful. What are my fears that stop me from committing to New Zealand and thus creating obstacles in, what should be, a smooth flowing transition?

On reflection, I realise it is mostly to do with outer things that the ego wants:

1.  Security. The UK has this in bucketloads. I feel safe here, always have done - in every way, whether financially or personally. There are jobs in abundance, money flows freely here - I can understand why most refugees work their way through Europe, ignoring other countries, to cross the channel to be here. If I was them I'd do that too. It really is a benign land of milk and honey.

2.  Everything is at my fingertips from buying goods online to travel.

3.  Life here is easy, stressful but easy.

4.  I love Europe, especially France, their way of life and the food.

5. I work with a great bunch of people, we've been together for 10 years.

6. Amazing friends that I have known since we arrived 17 years ago.

7. UK is very lenient with vaccinations.

8.  No fluoride in the water.

9.  Finally and the biggest of all - our son. He is so young at 21 years of age and still lives at home. When we leave here, he will have no-one - no family at all. But he does have friends, loads of 'em. I know I'm being a clucking mother hen, but even when our daughter left home for Australia, she had our very good friends who are like family to go to. Traevis has no-one here, but he refuses to come with us. So...by making this move I am splitting the family up.

What do I miss?

1.  Camaraderie and the community spirit. People here keep very much to themselves - that may simply be a reflection of me as I can be aloof at times, so this has been an okay aspect that has suited, but much has changed recently.

2.  Outdoor life.  Braaing (or as it is known in the rest of the world - BBQ) and having friends/family get togethers regularly. People here rarely entertain at home, probably because houses are not built for entertainment and it is difficult to plan something outdoorsy when the weather is so unpredictable. We're so desperate to re-live it that we have braais in the middle of winter, snow or not!

4.  Swimming or going to the beach. The beaches here are awful - either pebbles or sand that is like quick sand, except maybe in Cornwall, but that is too far to travel for a day.

5.  The weather. We've gotten used to it, but at times the grey gloom really gets to me. It doesn't have to be hot if the sun shines, all I ask for is the sun to shine, but mostly we cannot see it or the stars because of the almost constant cloud cover. My southern hemisphere body craves the sun and some warmth.

6.  It is so crowded here. Traffic everywhere all the time. This tiny island is home to £65 million people, how can it not be crowded?

What are we looking for?

1.  Wide open spaces that stretch for miles, not a soul in sight.

2.  Panoramic beauty.

3.  Community life.

4.  Isolation from the crazy world.

5.  A good work/life balance.

6.  I have cousins and an aunt in Auckland. We used to be very close when we all lived in South Africa. And it is much closer to travel to visit our daughter, my nephew and his wife as well as our good friends - 3 hours as opposed to 22 hours.

But...if NZ was that wonderful, how come droves of people are not swamping the place? Could be the isolation - maybe not everyone wants that or, is it simply propaganda by the NZ Immigration that life in NZ is great.

I love the UK. It has given us so much for which we are deeply grateful. I cannot begin to count the blessings she has bestowed upon us. So I feel a little like I am turning my back on her after all she has done.

What it boils down to is this - what do I want from the next phase in my life?

Lol...all of the good bits wrapped up in one country!

Trust is called for. Trust that I have set it up in such a way that it meets all my requests.