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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Remain focused, dedicated and determined

This move is sure testing my ability to remain focused to I manifest what I want. I cannot believe how difficult that is, especially when I am not 100% fully sure that I want to move.

It has been riddled with obstacles that did not need to be there, but are because I've not got my act together.

There are little doubts nagging me that show me how much these "little" doubts are really not that little and can throw a spanner in the works. My ego and logical brain are working overtime.

Moving out of our comfort zone takes a lot of focused dedication and determination. I find myself faltering and with that faltering another obstacle pops up.

Have I really committed myself body and soul to moving? I think not. I have doubts all the time about is this really happening, what if they suddenly say no they don't want me, what if the immigration says no blimming way are you coming here. All number of things going around and around in my head.

This new energy is really making us take stock of what we are putting out there - like attracting like. It is up to me to make this move as easy as I can, and if I cannot, to roll with the punches. Previously there was a time lag giving us a chance to change the energy. Nowadays it is instant.

Everything is ready to be lodged with New Zealand Immigration. After wading through reams of paperwork, reading rules and regulations, choosing the correct visa, etc. I found out that I need a police check from every country I've lived in longer than 5 years since the age of 17.

Well now, I tell you, that is not plain sailing - South Africa...hmm...what can I say. Place has gone steadily downhill when it comes to bureaucratic bullshit. Woohoo, off it goes to cause chaos.

I checked on their website and it said only 14 days to get a police clearance. But...how true is this? Okay so there is the next little negative that popped up. Woohoo, off it goes to cause chaos.

It is difficult to pay. South Africa restricts money in and out of the country like a tight fisted miser. Where elsewhere it is possible to use a credit card to pay for something, South Africa will not accept it. Even using Paypal is a pain in the ass. So there is my next thought stupid fucking country can't do anything right! Woohoo, off it goes to cause chaos.

I gotta get my family involved to send off a cheque with the documents. I don't want to simply because it shouldn't be their problem. I choose to send everything to my brother as my mother would find it a bit of a hardship to deal with and he is used to this kinda thing. My instant thought is he is going to be too busy. Woohoo, off it goes to cause chaos.

The post. SA post is NOT what it used to be. I sent my mother a parcel in November for Christmas last year and she only received it in July this year. Anything posted takes months to get anywhere. Don't ask me why, cos I don't know. We're going to have to courier everything. My instant thought is that again it is a lot for my brother to deal with as he is a busy businessman. Woohoo, of it goes to cause chaos.

I have really set myself up, haven't I?

So what happens, everything works brilliantly from this side of the pond in typical UK efficiency as I expected...until it lands in SA. My brother is too busy to deal with and only sends off ten days later with payment. I get an email from him saying parcel delivered by courier, but has been told that it takes 4-6 weeks to process and then as they only allow 10 couriers per day to collect, might not get it back for another week. Christmas is a busy period.

Huh? Busy? Why would Christmas be a busy period for getting a police clearance?

I think they are starting to party early for Christmas is more likely. Oh shit, there I just shot off another one.

*Sigh* this is so hard.

Where is my ce sera sera attitude? My hubby keeps telling me to relax, it'll sort itself out.