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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

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Thursday, 30 December 2010


Take a deep breath - here goes...

An entity by the name of Lady Andari briefly approached me last week. Imagine my surprise, as I’d never contemplated being in touch with an ET or even thought too deeply about them.

When a new entity enters my life they tend hang around in the background before introducing themselves almost as though I need time to adjust to them. It didn’t happen this time – instead bang! and here she is. Every being of light that has entered my life imparts knowledge and then leaves to make space for someone else. But...I have never been approached by an ET, so this is a first for me.

Anyway, the analytical and logical part of my brain is skeptical while the other half of me is looking forward to the influx of new information. I never pooh-pooh something until I’ve examined it from all angles and experienced what they have to offer. It’s difficult to have an opinion on something you know nothing about. I reserve judgement until this entity has proved herself to me.

I like to be in control. What can I say? I’m a control freak. I figure it’s my right to be so, cause I’m the one living here in the body. So, if there is to be any interaction I need to be aware and get the full facts. I suspect some things are hidden until later but mostly they comply. There is also the possibility that in my arrogance I’m missing the whole party going on behind my back!

From what I could gather she has a cat energy and vaguely mentioned pleasure and love. Oookay...

I find that the best time to interact with any entities is in the deep of night when it is quiet and dark. I’m dragged from a deep sleep to find myself instantly awake when it’s time to talk. Initially I used to try and write it down. Then I tried recording it on a dictaphone but whatever I did interfered with the flow of information and hubby objected to the noise. It’s disconcerting - a bit like having coffee with your friends and shoving a dictaphone in their face every time they talked or writing down whatever they said. Nowadays I just let the conversation flow and trust that when I need the information I can access it.

Lady Andari of the Andalusians. Huh? Andalucia is a country in Europe. What’s she talking about? Turns out it’s a constellation and there are different species living on the planets. Cats, birds, horses and maybe a few others – didn’t really take much notice because my brain was going – We gotta check this out first.

While lying on my back mulling this over, our large black cat jumped onto the bed and plonked himself on my chest. As he is a small version of a panther it was rather uncomfortable so I shoved him off. He lay down next to me stretching out to his full length, his back feet in my ear and his front feet on the side of my thigh his claws out and kneading. Thank goodness for the protection a 15-tog duvet!

He kept stretching and flexing his claws as though lying in the sun basking and enjoying the heat. My ear was not having fun so I asked Andari what he was doing before I interfered. I thought that seeing as she has cat energy she should know. Turns out he was enjoying the wash of energy from my sacral chakra as it reminded him of ‘home’. What?

It was then that I became aware of the chakra. It was wide open and humming with energy as was my heart, throat and brow. Over the previous few nights I’d found that my chest area has been a bit uncomfortable, especially when lying on my side, as though something heavy was on it. A brief thought had crossed my mind that maybe my breasts were growing from a minus nothing cup to a double something. But no, it was my heart chakra open wide and humming with green energy.

I have never seen any of my chakras so vibrant. I must admit that I was alarmed. Does that mean I would be attracting cats wherever I went, like a magnet? Andari just laughed. She laughed. I could feel myself frowning in indignation. How could she just laugh? She’s not the one who’s going to be known as the weird cat lady.

That was when I decided to look at her closely. Her energy is very gentle but you get a feeling that underneath that gentleness is caged power you don’t want unleashed on you. I don’t think it would be anything nasty, but would be so powerful that it might turn you into a gibbering idiot while your brain melted down.

It was as though a gate had opened and a flood of information poured in. This is the potential of love and pleasure. She embodies the energy of creation. The time is right for this energy to be unleashed on earth. There are plenty of lightworkers out there who are capable of embracing it as we have cleared enough from our dense bodies. This potential is mind-boggling. I cannot explain it in words. I can only send out a vision of what it is like. And sheesh, the word ‘unleashed’ had my eyebrows doing a dance on the top of my head as it conjured up a vision of the plague.

How was I to be involved in this as I’m a keeper of balance? I hold the scales. Being totally immersed in the energy of love and pleasure means stepping out of maintaining that balance. This has been my life for the last ten years. Did it mean giving up that which had become an integral part of me? Would it mean not being in contact with the angels of balance who’ve been with me all these years?

I didn’t get an answer but a feeling – yes. The grief that welled up inside me that night, remains very strong within me. I’ve enjoyed and loved every minute of this phase of my life. It would be like saying goodbye to family and friends. It was time to hand the torch over to the one coming up behind me.

I’ve handed over a torch before. It happened in 2002 whilst I was still working part time in London. I’d been in the legal world spreading the light in a dark profession for years. I knew it was time to move on – small things were falling into place. Finally after six months, I let go. Someone else is holding that torch for law.
Once again it has been building towards change since last year. I have to remember...flexibility and patience.

I have been reassured that the angels of balance will still be with me but I will also have new helpers.

It was brief meeting and introduction. That’s it. I can’t tell you any more cause I don’t have anything to tell. The only thing I can say at this stage is I’d heard, in my distant past, that cats are the antennae of a group of ETs. They were sent here to keep an eye on us and send information back. I don’t know how true it is but when I find out I’ll let you know. Or is there someone out there who knows?

Once again my life twists and turns into the unexpected. It’s almost like coming up and over a blind rise to find a large well-wrapped present in the middle of the road. Anticipation and trepidation go hand in hand.

So instead of I straightening my shoulders, taking a deep breath and striding forward to unwrap it...I tried to hide under the duvet...but they found me there. I then locked myself in the closet and cried my heart out. The grief was beating very strongly, despite their efforts to cheer me up.

Hubby did wonder what I was doing. He’s reached the stage in our relationship when he doesn’t ask too many questions. That’s cause he knows the answer will confuse him. I told him I was having a crisis. He just nodded and went back to sleep. What can I say? He accepts me with all my little foibles and eccentricities - even if I’m hiding in the closet.

I handed over the torch at midnight on Christmas eve and have become an anchor of balance for love and pleasure. Don’t get me wrong – I’m privileged and honoured to fulfil this role...it’s just I wasn’t expecting to change, again...well, I was but not so dramatically...oh dammit, I don’t know...I’m confused.

Where’s my closet?

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