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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 26 November 2010


I was shocked and saddened to read a document sent to me by my father about the collapse of South Africa. It pretty much says that it’s going the same way the rest of Africa has gone. Following shortly after that was despair. I feel like I’m fighting against thunder. But it’s not only in Africa that this is happening. All over the world countries are collapsing and the governments are trying to maintain the illusion.

Hang on a minute! Where’s that optimism that’s followed me throughout my life? I very seldom see the glass half empty – I always see it half full. When bad things happen I know there is a good reason and out of disaster always comes something wonderful. I’ve always had a vision of the world living in peace and harmony. I’ve constantly been teased about it – Karen, the eternal optimist. If I don’t hold the vision, who will?

Sometimes it gets very lonely – always seeing two sides to a coin. When hubby rants about the state of the world it’s hard not to get sucked into the drama of it. Passing opinions, judging people and situations, wondering why so-and-so doesn’t do something about it. That’s not my path in this life. My path is to hold the energy of balance. If I get sucked into the world’s dramas how can I hold the balance? Conditioning makes it difficult to remain centred but I do my best.

Despair took over yesterday as I wondered what on earth holding the energy of balance was doing. Would things be worse than they are if there was no balance? I suspect it would but won’t know as there’s nothing to judge it against. I have to allow myself to keep the faith that what I’m doing is making a difference. Not only me but the others out there who are doing something similar. I’m not single-handedly making a difference. Put all the alternative light workers together and it becomes a large sword of light that is cutting through the nonsense and illusions of the world exposing the rotten underbelly.

That which isn’t working needs to be purged from the system. We are seeing the ugliness of the world – is that because the veil that covered our eyes is now becoming more transparent? Are we slowly starting to wake up and get angry because we’ve allowed ourselves to be duped into complacency? We handed over our power to something that we voted into power and let them get on with it. So much power can cause corruption. But who is to blame for this? Us. We need to take responsibility for letting it get so bad that the world is in total chaos.

But…and this is a big BUT, is this wrong? I don’t believe so. There isn’t really right or wrong. It just is. Collectively humanity needs to go through this. We need to hit the bottom of the barrel before we can start making our way to the top again. We now know what we don't want, let's focus on what we do want.

Little bits of light come out from these horrible scenarios. Governments all over the world are unable to look after their people like they used to. We effectively gave them carte blanche as long as they looked after us. Now (even here in the UK) we are having to come together as a community to keep things going because the rot in the government has spread too far to be of any help to anyone.
Each person involved in the greed and corruption isn’t essentially a bad person. They are reacting to the collective energy of humanity. They’ve fulfilled their roles and have played the game very well. It is now up to us to change the script.

So, are you going to dwell on the worst case and feed it your energy OR are you going to imagine and feed your energy into making a peaceful world? Mass consciousness can make a difference. Be part of the difference by finding that peace within your own world and it will slowly filter out to change the world around us.

It is basically your choice how things turn out.

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