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Friday, 26 May 2017

Acting Team Leader proposal

I took the bull by the horns yesterday afternoon.

Quite simply put, it seemed that nothing was being put in place once our manager leaves tomorrow. Place is in an uproar cos no-one is taking charge and making decisions.

It is stressing everyone out.

So instead of waiting for things to happen (my patience can only go so far), I contacted the business manager yesterday and put forward the idea of having an Acting Team Leader until officially the job description and pay scale can be sorted. I know she has a lot on her plate. I sent off the suggestion by email with the knowledge that she'd be grateful for any suggestions.

I understand why there is indecision about the position. We don't really know at this stage what it entails.

Currently no-one has been given any detailed tuition on what the current manager does from day to day. So from Monday it will be a completely clean slate from which to work.

I'm always up for a challenge!

I proposed that I do the job, working full time to lay the ground for a new improved way of doing things, figure out what the Team Leader should be doing and what can be handed out to other departments. I proposed that they pay the Acting Team Leader the same enhanced pay rates as we get working nights.

Once the ground work has been laid, the new Team Leader can take over...or I can continue in the role, negotiating from a better perspective on pay rates once I know what the actual job entails.

Business manager thought the Acting Team Leader a good idea and will get back to me today.

Here's to a grand new future.

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