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Friday, 12 May 2017

Smoke and mirrors

We had our second meeting early this morning. It was very long and extremely fruitful.

The whole change is and has been handled with compassion and understanding, and....they listen, actually listen, take note and ask for/make suggestions. Things are crawling out of the woodwork that have the managers going :-0.

I'm constantly taken by surprise at the ease and transparency. Although I still wonder...

We went through the long list (four A4 pages) of the managerial duties. Lots of duplication and at times triplication, smoke and mirrors that create the impression of busy-ness.

I am pleased to note that none of the jobs are being foisted upon us. We were all a little worried that we'd have an overload of work as we are snowed under as it is. But the business and project managers are making sure that the workload is sent to where it should be sent, i.e. there are departments that handle a lot of the "stuff".

Of course there are teething problems as they fine tune the whole package to suit the Sleep Lab.

We were advised today, if wanted, to put in a request for extra hours and those that wish to apply for the team leader job, must express their interest. Once these are out of the way, they will employ another part time physiologist.

Our next meeting is Friday week.

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