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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lawn mowing service

Greg and I have this ongoing "growly" issue about the lawn mowing service.

They've been mowing the lawn every two weeks (except winter time) since I moved in March last year.

He hates that we are paying someone else to do the lawn. Why? I still haven't gotten a proper answer from him and every two weeks when they come to do it, we have this growly session about it.

When we lived in the UK, we had an electric mower and I used to do the majority of the mowing. I'd done that for thirteen years and I'm tired of it. And truthfully I couldn't be bothered. Firstly, because the garden here is 1000x larger than our garden in the UK which was the size of a postage stamp so was quick and easy to mow. And secondly, well, I couldn't be bothered. I've got more fun things to do :-)

He keeps going on about us buying a lawn mower. Who's gonna land up doing the mowing? We can share this duty I'm told. Well, hell on wheels.

It all came to a head this week when they left a note in the post box advising that they are increasing their rates after 10 years by $7. Of course Greg had a meltdown about it, because in his head, it's going to break the bank! Sheesh, man, a little perspective here...

Oookay, so here's the thing. I'm prepared to compromise, of course, being the cute little accommodating wife that I am. He can get a mower and mow to his heart's content. My contribution is the mowing service once a month :-) .

This suggestion went down like a lead sinker.

Lol...All That She Wants Is A...mowing service

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