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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Scurrying back to that which we know

Have you noticed that the energy feels lighter this week?

Richard and I (working at night) have been discussing the energies lately. Last week we both felt dragged down, heavy and desperate to get back to where we thought we belonged. Me back to the UK, him back to Texas to be with his family. I half filled out the job application for the deputy manager job and he contacted recruitment agents in Texas.

(I started writing about this last week and then got sidetracked. )

We both knew that there was no doubt that we'd get what we wanted.

We also knew that we kept spiralling back to the same point every few weeks - which in itself is pretty annoying. Why?

Each and every time there was this underlying feeling of "hang on a minute" and "are we just rushing back to something we know" cos it's comfortable and thereby turning our back on the potential for massive change and living/working in an harmonious environ. We kept circling looking for an out.

So what did we think was missing and why were we being dragged backwards and forwards, like a pendulum, always coming back to the same thing? One minute all good and the next plunged into what feels like crap. It kinda felt like no matter what intentions I put out there, none of them were working.

The request is that we let go. Let go of all our pre-conceived ideas of what it is we expect from our lives. None of that stuff is relevant any more, unless we make it so. Our emotions, minds and bodies are in flux, but the underlying unlimited potential for fantastic change is still there. One that is mind-blowing, pretty scary and has certainly kept me scurrying back to that which I know and understand.

I'd been using all the tools in my arsenal to balance myself out, none of it was working. Eventually I threw up my hands and simply immersed myself in the lack of balance. By constantly trying to be balanced, I wasn't allowing myself to accept where I was. I kept getting in my own way. It can be difficult to take a step back and allow the wallowing, when I feel I should be "doing" something.

Finally....something shifted this weekend. Neither of us can actually pinpoint when where or how.

On discussion last night, we came to the conclusion that we'd simply let go and surrendered to what was happening, no agenda, all the fight gone out of us. I assume it is this surrendering that shifted us to another level.

Oh my...the outcome has been incredible, especially for my work colleagues, Richard and my hubby (and by default for me). 

I'd marked an X on the wall calendar at work, stating my intention, in front of several of my colleagues, that there would be big changes in the unit by then. I also had a vision of Richard in the most beautiful place of happiness with a wonderful partner, which I told him about - he just grunted, don't think he believed it was possible. I also made an intention for me and my hubby.

All have manifested.  Although it is not unusual for me to manifest stuff for myself, the fact that it is impacting on a group of people is quite amazing to me. It's good practice.

Haha...I got in to work on Monday and everyone goes "you need to pick a date for winning the Lotto". Sorry lovelies, I ain't feeling it.

It reminds me of my Cape Town days when I worked for a barrister. I'd read the energy of all her court cases and tell her what the outcome would be. It was fun and exercised my intuitive "muscle".

Lol...don't know how long the "good times" will last, but we're going to make the most of it. I woke to Boogie Nights this morning.

P.S. Oh yeah forgot to say - I'd woken to a burning sensation in my knee and shoulder, fell asleep, before waking to one of those sleeping orgasms that appear from nowhere last week, can't remember what night. I do recall the dream - I was by myself on a beach watching the most stunning sunrise - which made me feel at peace and joyfully happy. The undulating very gentle orgasm started at my heart and worked its way through my body amplifying the happiness I felt.

I've not had one of those in a long while.

Always a good sign :-)

P.P.S. On further thought I've not described it correctly. The colours of the sunrise were intense, vibrant and alive, the energy of which seemed to move in through my eyes and down to my heart. The earth energy moved up from my toes, into the heart and from there the implosion occurred.

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