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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Personalities and perceptions

Personality profiling has come to my attention again.

When my kids enrolled at the Steiner/Waldorf schools in South Africa (and later in the UK) they used this profiling to understand each child in the class. I found it fascinating.

Ashlee raised personality profiling again about four years ago when she started doing self-help courses with a pyramid company. Although Greg and I weren't happy with the cultish status of the company, we did see the benefit and comfort that she received. We always find that which helps us out when we need it, using it as a stepping stone until we are able to move on, which she did.

On the up side, Ashlee has learned so much about personalities it has helped her to steadily rise in the corporate world. Lol, instead of me being the one with the knowledge, I now go to her as she is leaps and bounds ahead of what I know and understand. She's also a fundi on nutrition and exercise, again leaps and bounds ahead of what I know.

How this came about is that I've enrolled on a five week course of leadership. Can't believe I've done it, but I have :-). I enjoy learning new things and facing challenges.


After my jolt of fear last Friday, I spent time with the feeling, allowing and accepting. This position is waiting for me to get out of my own way.

Monday when I get to work, I find out that the colleague that came across so well at the Friday meeting, has slipped a disc in her back and will be off work indefinitely.


I got a comment yesterday that me and my power are scary.

I felt myself withdraw, wondering why I'd put myself in this position yet again. Years ago in South Africa when I used to do the predictions, it generated so much fear, I stopped and hid it. My response to that time needs addressing. It is the fear of being persecuted about an ability, or rather it was my perception that I was being persecuted. I can see now it wasn't so. It is up to me how I deal with it this time round. So I'm moving forward in love, accepting and allowing the fear to move out.

I'm manifesting, creating a better reality. That which doesn't fit into this reality will be moved out of the way. This is what I want the team to focus on. We all have the ability to manifest what we want. We are all that powerful.


Well, hell...

Bullying has brought to my attention since I arrived in NZ. Mostly it hasn't touched me, but I've observed it in the extreme here. I don't think it means that there is more of a bullying culture in NZ than anywhere else. It simply means that I am noticing how we, in the thickness of 3D life, have used so called "healthy" competition to get where we wanted to be, not caring how we affect others, in our quest to get what we want.

It is not healthy. There is no co-operation in competition. How can we become unified and live together in harmony with competition? Greg and I have argued endlessly over this point. He believes in competition, I don't. I think it may be a fine line between the two and common ground needs to be found.

The new secretary is having an issue with the other who has been with the unit for 3 years. One wants to make changes even though she has only been there 3 weeks, the other is resisting. The line manager has taken the new person's side.

I happened to be in the office next door with the door slightly wedged open when the line manager came in and aggressively confronted the secretary that has been there for years. Wow!  Couldn't believe what I was hearing. 

Needless to say both secretaries were in tears. Gawd what a mess!

Everyone should sit down and discuss this rationally without the hearsay. One person says one thing and the other says something different with the line manager bouncing between the two. I can see that the line manager thinks that the older secretary is continuing with the bullying culture inherited from our soon to be ex-manager. I know she isn't. She's finding the new secretary's brash arrogance that she knows everything difficult to deal with. The new woman has made it clear she doesn't like the job and didn't really want it but took it because she needs to earn money.

Every single person that has been working there for years, has a lot to offer, but have never been allowed to use their initiative. Working for years under this kind of restraint, will make a person, incredibly paranoid that everything is done "correctly", otherwise they will get a bollocking of epic proportions.

*Sigh* I realise all this stuff needs to come out. It will take a team leader with a great deal of mediation skills to bring this to an harmonious way of being. Lol...I was going to say "balls of steel", but maybe not.

Andrew Martin's excellent recent video addresses this and asks the questions at 28:44 - what would it be like to cut out the idea of learning through struggle? "Show me how to learn through love, enjoyment and satisfaction.


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