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Saturday, 3 June 2017

The next stepping stone

It's been an up and down week full of surprises and uncertainties.

I'd not heard anything from the business manager since her answer to my email last week. I was starting to worry that maybe I was jumping the gun in assuming.

Talked it through with Richard over and over again. All my doubts started rising to the surface, him putting it into perspective for me. Greg telling me not to worry as it was in the bag. Ashlee and Traevis confident that the job was mine.

Why wasn't I feeling their confidence?

I chanted, did EFT and meditated allowing my mind and body to integrate the new. Early Tuesday afternoon as I was taking a long walk to clear my head, I made a firm commanding intention that I'd hear by that evening, otherwise I was withdrawing my offer.

4.30pm I got a phone call from the project manager saying that they'd both like to meet with me on Wednesday morning after my night shift as they had a proposition. I agreed, of course.

That night one of my patients was a lovely elderly woman with dementia. Every time she woke up she said "ho ho ho" over and over again until she fell asleep, only to wake up with the same words over and over again. It made us smile. Sounded like Christmas.

Anyways, Mrs Christmas's "ho ho ho" was the precursor to me getting a lovely gift in the morning in the form of a job offer.

The two managers offered me the position of acting team leader for three months, while they advertised the job (which they are legally obliged to do) before offering it to me formally. I could choose my hours - either continue part time with the flexibility to work extra hours or go full time. I can also choose whether to remain a night shift worker or a mix of day and night or days only. The payscale jump is impressive. They said not to give them an answer immediately. To go away and think on it but did ask that I give them an answer before Friday. If I take the job, I'd need to come in this Friday for a few hours to tell the team and work through a few things.

Of course it was a no brainer for me, but I took the time before answering.

Yay!! But working two nights had me completely devoid of emotional joy until this morning when I woke and BAM! the excitement hit me.

I went in for most of the day today...um....yesterday as it's tomorrow already! It's both daunting and exciting. What is daunting is that they have high expectations of me and I am not sure that I'm... hmm ... that's my issue to deal with as I go along.

So much to go through, figure out and put in place. My colleagues were very happy but their faces dropped when I told them that I'd be away for the next two weeks. Hooboy, did I feel guilty as there is only three of them left to run day clinics and nights. Project manager has made sure and will continue to make sure that the workload is not too heavy while I am away for which I am very grateful.

All that remains is to find another two physiologists to fill the jobs soon to be advertised.

Both my colleagues in the UK have given me loads of advice about running the service and are happy to be my sounding boards. It's so great to know that there are others whom I know well and have worked with, in similar positions in Sleep labs elsewhere.

I realise that things may run a little differently in NZ to the UK, but essentially the care we offer is the same.

Funny how I can see now looking back, the threads leading to this specific event in my life. Always great to see things with hindsight. Greg, my lovely lovely husband, is so proud. He's been proud since I got my credentials. He keeps congratulating me on achieving so much in the last two years. I do need to remember that and he does well in reminding me.

It's Ramadan at the moment. Richard has invited us to a community event tomorrow evening called  Ramadan Iftar 2017 for both Muslims and non Muslims. It starts at 5.08pm after 11 hours of fasting, the fast to be broken with a meal. According to Richard it's a chance for the community to get to know more about Islam - not to convert but to take away the fear of the unknown. The consultant, his wife and children will also be there. I'm looking forward to it. Always good to get to know something new.

We're off to Sydney this weekend for two weeks to meet our great niece who is now 6 weeks old. Our friends of many years have moved so we get to see their new house as we will be staying with them the first week while commuting during the day to visit my nephew and his wife. The second week my nephew, his family, their dog, Greg and I have hired a house down on the Southern Highlands. My niece is worried that the baby will disturb us, so very sweetly made sure that the house has a bedroom on either side of the house so we won't hear hear.

My only sad hesitation is the fact that my sister and brother-in-law won't be meeting their granddaughter for a long long while. 

This cute song has been running around in my head for days. Didn't know who sang it or what it was called, but managed to find it - Jason Donovan - Sealed with a Kiss

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