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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Butterfly lips

So, my nickname is "butterfly lips".


My hubby, being from a Malaysian background, loves curry in all its forms. I'm not particularly enamoured of it, but will eat if I have to. He has to tamp down the heat for me when he cooks, otherwise my butterfly lips will die a horrible death.

I recall many years ago when he was away doing his compulsory two month military camp (in South Africa), his Mum gave me a whole lot of frozen meals she'd prepared so I didn't have to cook. Yikes, one of them was curried squid. Blimmin' heck, I reckon the longer it sits the stronger it becomes. As a result I couldn't eat it! Not even the dogs would touch it.

Both my kids are seasoned curry lovers. After 30 odd years, you'd think I was too. But no, my lips ain't having none of it.

Even so, the dishes he makes are so delicious that I enjoy eating them, as long as I have lots of yoghurt and banana with the meal.

I've only ever seen Greg beaten once by a curry dish - when we were in Kuala Lumpur. That was a funny experience. If he ever raises the subject of my being a softie when it comes to curry, I liken it to his meal there, cos that's what it's like for me.

I'd never had a curried meal until I met him. As I come from a British background we only ever ate that kinda food. I know nowadays curry in the UK is the norm, but I suppose when my Mum emigrated to the then called Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) with her parents, it wasn't, so she'd never made it - that I can recall anyway.

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