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Friday, 24 February 2017

I get knocked down

Songs seem to be my messages lately. I'd get frustrated cos I'd know the tune but not the words, so couldn't always find the song.

I woke with a song in my head yesterday after sleeping the day away. And the name of the band popped into my head to, which was very nice.

I get knocked down by Chumbawamba...haha.

It's a theme song for us these strange days.


My work colleague and friend is arriving back on Monday from his holiday.

He visited Texas to see family and friends, then went on to Mecca and finally to London to visit other friends and collect the last of his possessions.

For him the most amazing experience has been Mecca. He was so excited about it. It seems it lived up too his expectations. I'm looking forward to hearing about it. The pictures he sent were amazing. He said it was the most spiritual place he's ever been.

He initially loved being back in London, but says his allergies have flared up and he is finding the pollution difficult to deal with. Sent me some pics over the last few days of being on the tube and delays experienced. I shudder - I'm not missing that at all. Says he is now ready to be back in peaceful stress-free NZ.


Last year I took my car to the local garage to have a service and get my brakes sorted as they shuddered when I used them. According to the mechanic, I would eventually need some shocks and new back tyres.

One of the back window electrics stopped working and he fixed that too...but when I got the car back they'd made a hash of putting the panel back and the brakes were squeaking and knocking.

Greg took it back several times. The panel was sorted but the knocking and squeaking persisted.

Eventually I took it to a local Midas. They sorted them out and said if the previous guy had actually done anything, they'd be surprised. Oookay. Fight! Sad though as I thought supporting the local guy was the way to go, rather than a huge franchise.

Anyway my WOF is due soon, so I took it to Midas this morning and mentioned that they should take a look at my shocks and tyres. He said he'd also service the car.

Turns out the other mechanic who originally worked on the car, told a porkie. There is nothing wrong with the shocks or my tyres. I don't want to be suspicious, but it does make me wonder whether he actually serviced the car properly last year?

I've had this happen before in the UK. VW agent said I needed a load of stuff done to "fix" the car which would cost me thousands. I took it to a local guy and he said there is nothing wrong with the car.

Always helps to get a second opinion.

So...that's a result. Where I was thinking it would cost me a fortune, it isn't :-)


The cicadas are out in full force. They are everywhere. I love the sound. Always reminds me of summer - long hot sunny days. The crickets are singing at night too adding to the melody.

I walked out onto the deck one morning to have my coffee. A cicad was under the covered section. It was singing its heart out, but when I arrived freaked out, scaring the bejeebers out of me. It kept hitting the roof in its desperation to get away. I felt so sorry for it that I walked away, giving it time to compose itself and fly away at a leisurely pace.

I keep fishing them out of the pool, along with all the butterflies, bees and other strange creatures.

Our swan plant is covered in Monarch caterpillars. Some of them are in their pupas already, others still munching away getting bigger daily. The butterflies are still landing on the plant laying eggs.

I've never come across a swan plant before. It seems to be a favourite of the Monarch butterfly.

One occasion we popped into the nursery and found all the swan plant seedlings that had been eaten down to stalks. Hundreds of caterpillars everywhere. When buying the plant, you're buying a caterpillar. Lol.


The Intranet at work has a classifieds section. On it are all kinds of things advertised. You can see it is a rural place as quite often there are chickens, ducks, goats, cows, rabbits, kittens, puppies for sale. Or you'll get a house clearance from someone leaving the country (we have a lot of medical staff from all over the world, on contract).  Some houses are being renovated/gutted. The stuff that is taken out is also advertised free for collection. Or if someone is landscaping their garden, all the plants they've taken out are left on the sidewalk for anyone to collect.

I love the ruralness of it all as well as the community feeling that it creates.


I'm playing taxi tonight as I am on call and cannot drink. We are going to a farewell dinner as one of our work colleagues is leaving. Said she's done too many years in sub-optimal conditions - enough is enough. I'm sad to see her go, but do understand why. I am sure there are certain people she doesn't want at her farewell...


Ashlee managed to get tickets to see the comedian, Urzila Carlson. She has a potty mouth deluxe. Reminds me of hubby, she does. Looking forward to seeing her here in Hamilton in June.

Ash says it was tough getting them. As soon as the ticket office opened, the website crashed. Within fifteen minutes all tickets sold out. Well done to her for managing to buy four! Never realised how popular Uzrila is.


Ash is away this weekend with the boyfriend, who has flown over from Sydney. They are going to Raglan - our favourite place in NZ so far.

We'd planned on spending Saturday night with friends up North, but this has been postponed to next weekend.

Traevis is working this weekend.

This gives G and I some time to have some "afternoon delights" without interruption.

Setting the tone for the New Moon eclipse :-)

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