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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

All change, the old train has broken down

I'm rather overwhelmed by change - it is a deluge, I am drowning and all kinds of clueless as I try to figure out how me and my abilities fit into this new landscape.

The way I understand it is that we are creating in each moment. There is a good reason I have no time to sit down and meditate or think about it. We've spent so many years meditating, dreaming and creating intentions, preparing ourselves for the day when we'd live as we are truly meant to. Concious creators.

No more practising. This is it. We create on the go.

Which points to us being really clear in our thoughts and words, emotions and beliefs ALL the time.

I'm not saying relaxing, meditating etc. is no longer going to happen. Of course it will, we need it. But, we no longer need it to create.

I have experienced this creativity - I'm sure we all have. I may suddenly think something, I feel my body resonate with the thought and with that resonance I know it will happen.

No more mulling things over, playing scenes over and over in our heads. Thought and emotion resonate together at the same frequency and BAM! it happens. It's an illusion that time is speeding up. It's just different and not logical at all. Stops us spending time plotting what we're gonna do. We just have to do it.

We've wasted so much energy on the hamster wheel of thought. We "should" (should being the operative word) be more energy efficient in our crystalline bodies/minds. Lol...this is going to be fun, or not.

To top it all, there is a blank area inside me. I am totally disconnected from everyone in my life, even Greg since the eclipse. I have been grieving without knowing it.

Apparently this new crystalline body coming on line has made us more sovereign. This has become very apparent since 27 February eclipse (this side of the world we are a day ahead - lol confusing I know).

Our connection to others is different. I'm not sure how, but we are all feeling the withdrawal of an old way of being in each other's company, and grieving the loss. We're desperately trying to pull people back into our lives without realising we are still connected, but in a new way that I have yet to understand.

Imagine my shock when I briefly saw that the two giant beings holding the gateway open, were crumbling. I couldn't see the beings, just bits of their bodies falling into the sea. What? Was the relationship that Greg and I have crumbling? And why was there mortar? I was mostly calm about it, but every so often I'd sink into distraught fear.

Today, a flash insight brought the realisation that the crumbling mortar of the two beings has nothing to do with a relationship falling apart. Instead it was the new crystalline bodies emerging as the old body was shed. Both giant entities are now the most beautiful crystalline irridescent colours, still standing tall and strong.

Another strange phenomenon has pushed itself to the fore -

Quite often when I am sitting quietly on my own, I can hear and feel Greg, Ash and Traev.

For example, when I am sleeping during the day after a night shift and everyone is at work, I can feel their presence and hear them moving around the house. I get up to check if they've come home from work, but no-one is there. One occasion I was sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine. I knew Greg was indoors and yet I could hear him pottering around the garage. I eventually got up to go to the garage but there was no-one in there and yet I could still hear him. When I went indoors, he was sitting at the computer working.

Ashlee and Traevis have said they've experienced the same thing. It is only the four of us we can feel, i.e. it is never anyone else's energy or ghostly things.

It is almost as though the veil has thinned so much that I can feel alternate realities intruding upon the life that I am aware of. Hmm but no, not quite right. It is more like I can feel the essence of each of them.

Greg and I are taking 10 days off work in the last two weeks of March. We both need a holiday away from all and everything, to spend time with each other without others around or work intruding.

We're planning a roadtrip down to the South end of North Island. We will drive and stop as we feel. Mostly we will be staying at campsites like we used to when we travelled in Europe with the children.

Cheap and cheerful :-)

This has taken me ages to write, mull over, delete and re-write.

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