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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

The selfless masculine

I've not written in ages about lovemaking.

Mostly because life with the new entity it has been a little personal and we've been getting to know each other in many different ways, let alone lovemaking.

The previous entity and I were very comfortable with each other. He was amazing in his selflessness when it came to making sure I experienced the most amazing orgasmic experiences.

I'm not saying the current one doesn't, it's just we've needed time to get to know each other and for him to find his feet. We have felt a little out of alignment, out of kilter, out of balance. I have been treading water, focusing on other things since he arrived, giving him the space and time to understand who he is and how he fits into our life. It's not been easy...with me wondering when it will finally click into place.

Greg has been experiencing many soul searching months, culminating in a deeply traumatic last few weeks. I'm supporting him and all his facets as he goes through these experiences. Not interfering but accepting him as he plumbs the depths. I have no idea what he found, that's a personal experience for him. I am content to simply be there in warm acceptance, no questions asked.

We've practised all kinds of lovemaking from tantra to karezza and everything in between, each one contributing to our knowledge. I'm the instrument and he is the musician. He poured his musical talent into me and together we create a harmonious song.

Things have changed over the last four years. In the past when the orgasm exploded out, it was meant to touch as many as possible, finding its way into cracks and subtly bringing all that is wrong to the surface to make way for the beauty that is waiting in the wings.

Karezza was the culmination of this question for knowledge and experience. We found it difficult changing habits of lifetimes, learning how to find that orgasmic space within and not giving in to the addiction of exploding the orgasm out.

Maybe it's not for everyone, but it gave us so much in return.

It was trial and error. We made mistakes along the way, although they weren't mistakes really - more like a guide and we'd find out what worked and what didn't. It was a time of thinking outside the box.

Slowly slowly we were making our way to imploding the orgasm within ourselves, channeling the energy in a way that is totally different from anything I've ever known.

The new entity, despite still being in his infancy with the new body, was clearly bringing in some knowledge that I wasn't aware of. I just couldn't "get it", but we persevered. Every so often I'd get despondent. As the feminine energy I had to be in a specific space. I'd touch on it, be blown away, but found it difficult to remain in the space.

Yesterday afternoon it all clicked into place.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

We started with eye gazing, which we've not done for...I don't know how long.

It was the deepest most intimate moment ever.  Falling right into the soul of this beautiful entity, who'd agreed to incarnate during these revolutionary times. I found myself floating in a sea of complete and utter unconditional love. It seeped into my body surrounding me both within and without. I can say without a doubt that this entity is as selfless as the previous.

He has, on the occasions we've been briefly aligned, stopped and pushed his needs to one side to hold me with the utmost tenderness or simply touch my outstretched hands, or as my body arched, kissed my heart pouring his love into me, lifting me to heights within myself that I've never before experienced, all the while being uplifted himself. Tears of joy seeped from my eyes as my heart exploded with love, the beautiful eenergy flowing between us.

Whatever break throughs we have as a couple, would not be possible without others. As portions of humanity leap in levels of consciousness, so do we.

Thank you.

Ahead are incredible times for us all.

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