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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ready or not - here we come

Je t'aime on the boardwalk to Monte Carlo
This is sort of a continuation of my previous blog posted on 27 Sept - Open and Vulnerable.

This past weekend has been quite intense. Today has been a chill out day of R&R.

We have been visiting my friend in Menton for years. Each time we go there, we think that we'd like to go to Monaco/Monte Carlo but something always happens that stops us from getting there.

The last time we came out we decided to stop at a look-out point on the mountain that over looks Monte Carlo, to get a view but nada, nothing. The mist was so thick you could not see at thing.

I figured that we and Monte Carlo were not ready for each other...until this weekend.

In all honesty I've never really been drawn to the place. It is simply a tiny tax haven crammed to the brim with the rich and famous who live there to hide their money.

My friend has worked in that area for 15 years and she'd always told me that it had become an ugly place as they'd knocked down all the old buildings and replaced them with high rises. There is so much secrecy and security, it seems that the rich wanting to keep their riches, are trapped by their own greed. The Principality of Monaco has a tight grip on everyone and everything that lives there.

So, the fact that I'd never managed to 'see' the place'd never really bothered me...it was hubby who was determined.

We had a look at the weather forecast before we left Fondespierre and it predicted thunder storms on the Sunday, which was the only full day we had there. So we thought we might do the coastal boardwalk from Menton to Monte Carlo on the Monday.

Wha'ever - I wasn't too fussed if it never happened - but it seems that the universe had other ideas.

Sunday morning I woke to find hubby gone. My friend and I assumed that he'd actually taken the 2 hour walk to Monte Carlo by himself. So the two of us had a natter over a long breakfast and then she did a healing on me. She uses an amazing mixture of Reiki, Bowens and Metamorphic that always does the trick for me. It was a session of approximately 2 hours. During the healing with my friend, I'd disappeared somewhere and she had to call me several times before I came back.

On tuning in on on Thursday whilst at St-Guilhem-le-Desert, I'd noticed that my brain was orange and that day it was still orange, but an orange that was to do with the feminine rather than merely the sacral. Very odd, but I understood that there was a reason and didn't dwell on it too much.

Statue of Archangel Michael

Turns out, hubby did not go to Monte Carlo. He went to Italy! and then out of interest followed the St Michael procession honouring Archangel Michael up to the Church as it was St Michael's day...or something like that. I knew that a portal was opening in Italy on this day, but I'm not one for following 'things' so it did not move me into going to be part of it...but then I didn't need to as hubby, as part of the Sacred Union, was representing us.

As I felt like a walk after my healing, hubby said maybe we should do the two hour walk along the sea to Monte Carlo. Damn...I could not get out of it. I felt that I HAD to go...erk.

My guidance was to wear thick jeans, socks and hiking shoes. Although the weather outside did not look particularly wet or cold, I followed the direction. I also took a lightweight rain mac and a brolly.

Oh my word! was it humid and hot! Yeeks, I sweated my way up and down along the boardwalk feeling ill, my tummy aching. Energy was being downloaded in wave after wave super fast. The healing I'd had that morning made me ready for this.

View of Monte Carlo and dark clouds
In the distance we could see a dark cloud over the Monaco area. Every so often there'd be a lightning (or a lightening strike - whichever way ya wanna look at it) strike and rumbles of thunder.

I knew in my gut something was about to happen. Hubby seemed excited but I was not enthusiastic at all and was dragging my feet.

Hubby walked in front and I noticed that walking with him was Archangel Michael. Frowning I wondered what he was doing there, when suddenly I felt St Germain with me. I asked why and the answer I got was that the Heavenly Realm were with us today as it was a big task.

Hell, ya don't say...and when I am feeling so grotty! Think my body knew more than my brain did at that stage.

We rounded a bend to find a copse of trees so I called on some help from them. Ah, what a relief, the full blown support of Mother Nature.

It was from this time on that I felt so much better and was looking forward to whatever was going to happen. I figured it had something to do with the Divine Feminine being anchored in Monaco - a place where money is worshipped. I noticed that the orange of my brain was shot through with pink.

The closer we got, the darker it became. I heard the words, 'ready or not here we come'. It made me smile as it reminded me of a Harry Potter-esque moment - some evil dude threatening the little human about to go into battle with him.

About 40 minutes into our walk, the heavens opened and it poured and poured. It was far too hot to wear a rain mac, so I put up the umbrella. We were both sopping wet, but it felt so exhilarating. Far from being threatening the thunder, lightning and rain seemed to be helping by changing the air around us,cleansing and anchoring every step we took.

Heavy rain

Despite the deep rumbles overhead that shook the ground, the lightning strikes all around us, the heavy drops of water and constant walking up and then down, I was on such a high and I could feel all the downloaded energy vibrating at level I'd never experienced before. Dancing in the rain and laughing with delight. Hubby kept asking the rain to stop for a while so we could get where we were going without getting wet. It did stop for a while but then started again. The cleansing rain was needed as filaments of light fell to the ground in each drop.

The view along the boardwalk is breathtakingly beautiful...and at times stark. Rocky outcrops emphasising steep drops to the sea below with beautiful plants and trees clinging to them. So very Mediterranean. Reminded me of Greece, and yet I don't have an affinity with Greece, my affinity is with Southern France...for some reason.
Villa built into the cliff

Added to this sight that makes me so happy, was the falling light filaments. My heart was so wide open it felt like each tiny cell within my body had its own heart wide open and dancing with delight. It is a moment in time that I will not forget for a very long time.

To go from dragging my feet feeling miserable to this...

It helped me to understand what St Germain had told me at St-Guilhem-le-Desert. Hubby as the masculine is the DOer and he forges ahead to make the plans and searches out things, leaving me free to be in the state of BEing that is needed when we reach wherever we are required.

This is the masculine and feminine working together for a specific reason. He reminded me of the Sacred Union Contract we had. Part of this Contract was that hubby would do what was necessary whilst I floated along and filled in the twirly whirly bits within structure he'd formed.
A closer view of Monte Carlo through trees
I'd never looked at it that way. I was beginning to think that I was turning into a namby pamby airhead. But in the Sacred Union travelling wherever we go, each one of us has a specific job. It seems I have come of age to understand some of the significance of the Contract.

When I am in my job or doing anything else in my 'normal' life as an individual, I am a combination of masculine and feminine.

It has been a struggle for both of us. Our Souls knew the parts played, and yet the human side did not understand...until now. Now, I can let go and let BE, flowing to wherever needed.

In the Sacred Union Contract, I am fully embodying the feminine aspect and hubby is fully embodying the masculine aspect. I was trying, on occasion, to wrestle this aspect from him and be in charge. Hubby got confused and then we'd land up fighting about who was doing what.

In any other part of our lives, we can interchange, that is not a problem, but when it comes to the Sacred Union contract, we are here to do a specific job and though it may seem very rigid (and to a degree it is), it is necessary as we move forward into the new world of harmony and peace. We are laying the energetic path of understanding.

In my heart I understand and yet I have difficulty expressing it in words.

When we reached Monte Carlo, the weather cleared up but there was a heavy and cold breeze coming off the sea. Again a cleanser of the air around this area. It became very cold and I was grateful for the warm clothing I was wearing.

We wandered around looking at the Casino, Hotel and Cafe de Paris - it was great actually seeing the places we'd seen in some James Bond movies, but by this stage I'd had enough.

Oh my word, the expensive cars moving around there and the desperation of the young girls dressed in designer gear, in amongst the tourists like us. I could feel the waves coming off of them as they preened and posed, hoping a wealthy man would notice.

Made me feel rather sad and by the time we'd done this I was super exhausted and ready to go home to my friend's sanctuary

We walked through the beautiful garden which lifted my spirits a little before catching a bus back to Menton. We stopped off at a coffee shop to have something to drink and a piece of cake as I was starving by this stage - and the weather was beautiful again.

I will continue this at another time...

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