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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Nature's loving embrace stepping up

Downstairs toilet/laundry room

The plants in my house and garden went into overdrive whilst we were away. As a result we live in an overgrown jungle both inside and out! While the gardener's away, the plants will play...

The first night we were back as I sat down on the loo, the Delicious Monster reached out to tap me on the shoulder in greeting.

My favouritest place for relaxing - upstairs bathroom

This often happens when I am in the bathroom and especially when I am having a good long soak. (One day I shall replicate this bathroom in the outdoors, plants in profusion growing around it - but until then I shall revel in the beauty of my current bathroom).

Ah...my darling friends...in my tiredness I'd forgotten all about you. How could I?

Being an earthworker, plants and trees hold a special place in my heart.

Who'd have thought this when I was a youngster- I was not very successful at nurturing plants, seemingly possessing a 'black' thumb.

My interest sparked when I started studying phytotherapy, followed a few years later by vibrational medicine.

My knowledge is nowhere near complete. I regularly find plants and trees that I wish my mother was here to identify, as her knowledge is vast. Suppose I should practice communicating more with the plants and elementals...and also finding out what the plant can do for us...I got out of that habit as I personally don't use essences much any more and no longer run a counselling practice. I prefer to simply allow the energy to touch mine, safe in the knowledge that it will be what I need.

It was and still is fascinating that we have various 'helpers' at our fingertips that cost nothing, who can help us change the vibration of our bodies if we allowed them in...and yet we don't. How often have I, and possibly you, felt in the crisp morning light, the beauty of a plant with dew on it and want to drop this on our tongue and ingest it. This is natural flower essence remedies at their best, surrounding us and offering to us that which we need.

Thinking about this reminded me of a dream I had about Sananda in 2011. He showed me how the energy of those praying was transmuted and sent back to them to assist the changes they'd requested...and yet once they got the energy back, because they knew no different, it was once again changed by their beliefs and emotions into what it was before, therefore keeping them marching on the same spot.

Nature has been working quietly in the background doing something similar.

Slowly but surely, those whom we've ignored are making themselves known energetically, whether we acknowledge them or not. And this includes the elementals who tend them.

The last Friday night that we were in France, we were caught in the rain...again. What a downpour it was - compared to the Monaco experience the previous weekend!

Drainage ditch

We were planning to go out to dinner down at the coast, but as we were driving the rain was coming down so hard, it was difficult to see the edges of flooded road that looked like a river. Alongside many of the roads are huge drainage ditches instead of pavements, we did not want to end up in. The dry dusty area of the Med is not really equipped for downpours like this.

We decided to rather get a take away from the local pizza place, buy a bottle of wine and take it back to our place rather than risk the roads. We parked outside the pizza place, put our rain macs on and dashed in. It was not far but during that time we got soaked. Water was flowing everywhere including the downpipes that ran onto the pavements. Rain macs seemed rather pointless.

From there we had to walk a block or two to the local little supermarket to get a bottle of wine. Hah.

It didn't matter where we walked there was water flowing - from above, below, sideways. I found myself giggling uncontrollably in our efforts to remain dry and gave in to the child-like happiness of dancing within the dramatic flow of water. Jumping over rivers of water running out of the downpipes, holding my face up to the rainlike filaments of light pouring from the heavens as lightning struck around us and the clouds rumbled overhead heavily.

Community vineyards
After eating, we decided to take the bottle of wine to bed, switch off all the lights, open the window and listen to the rain. The roof has an almost tin-like resonance and therefore we can hear the rain falling. Bricks and mortar don't have the same capacity to let the outdoors in. This is one of the many reasons why I loved camping so much. Despite having a flimsy wall between you and nature, you still feel like you are part of it. Houses take away that experience and we tend to become withdrawn from the natural world around us.
Community Olive groves

Forest of pines and cork oaks
Curled up together in our little cocoon of love, listening to the rain and thunder, witnessing the strikes of lightning and smelling the earth was wonderful. We both entered into a meditative state and remained like this until we fell asleep to the patter on the roof.

Cultivated Thyme
We are very privileged to be on the edge of the small family-run holiday resort. The whole resort is created in such a way that the sandy roads meander through it and each mobile has its own wild garden. No straight lines. It mirrors the world outside - as on all sides we are surrounded by the State forest within which are patches of community vines and olive groves and a few houses hidden away amongst the trees.

In the early hours of the morning I woke to the most heavenly smell coming in through the open window. The rain had stopped. The light fresh lemon/minty smell invaded the room. I lay there wondering where it came from. I recognised the smell, but the name of the plant evaded me.

The following morning, hubby hung up our wet jeans to dry and took photos of the steam coming off them in the morning sunshine.

Later that day I asked a neighbour if she knew what the smell was and she said Thyme and showed some growing in her garden. Of course. Wow, who'd have believed that such a tiny, grey, insignificant looking little plant could create such an amazing smell that travelled for miles.

On a hunt through the forest we found a few to dig up and replant in our garden. Here's a picture of a clump of them amongst the prickly undergrowth beneath a tall pine tree.

We now have a few in our garden which will hopefully take whilst we are away.

Since being back in the UK, we've had rain and loads of it...but it does not have the same feel when cut of in our buildings. Yesterday, between monsoon-like downpours and wind, we went for a stroll.

Nature is beautiful wherever you are...from the stark desert to the lush green, from the struggling seedling growing amongst abandoned buildings to the cultivated gardens, each one offering us a visual and emotional stimulus of joy and awe thus giving us the chance to offer our thanks of gratitude for their support on our many journeys of understanding.

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