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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Being in the joy of life

Chatting with a friend recently about my confusion about where I am going and what I am doing, she said, 'This is not like you.'

She's right. I haven't always been very very clear on where I am going in my life, but I've had at least a vague idea. Nowadays, I don't. Not even an inkling, which is rather disconcerting and freaking me out more than a little.

Another friend wrote that I had a whole posse of people waiting for us to be there with them.

I am so drawn to many places - I love England and its surrounds, I adore France (and much of Europe), I feel pangs to be in Africa (the place of my birth) and yet I am drawn to Australia. How is it possible to be in all of these places...and also be able to explore others as well? I suspect that I am being given the opportunity to create this through my heart's desire and yet the little me feels like I am floundering around with no specific idea of where I 'should' be.

Living in this new energy has certainly flummoxed me. I have no idea how to put anything into action...in the new way and as a result tentatively stick my toe into a direction, only to withdraw it in a hurry. Why? I have no idea. Must be something to do with the 'unknown' and not the unknown of the world we know - that has never scared or worried me. I am talking about the unknown of the unknown that we have until now not known.

Alrighty, so we did know this at one time many millenia ago, before we were trampled into the ground by all the craziness of the 3D world and its limitations. I know how a caged chicken would feel - the doors are open but I am very wary about walking through into freedom...and yet I am in it already without realising.

Nowhere in this whole scenario has 'working' for a living featured...huh?

I happened upon a website today, drawn to this article by Tyberonn:

"In 2013 you are reformatting to the New Earth. The frequencies that poured in continually last year, now must be fined tuned. The Renaissance Portal is such a time, for you are receiving the codes that allow the calibration to your rebirth.
So we re-emphasize that 2013 is a year of rebirth of ‘Renaissance’. take a moment to consider this. We tell you that you are beginning new lives, new expansions in Year One of the New Earth. It is a very significant year in which you will learn how to navigate in dimensions 5-12. It is a year in which you will receive codes for the new dimensions." The Cosmic Path

My little self is in the flow of the river of the bigger Self and is not sure about it at all. Anyways, I have a moan because I've lost my grip on that large rock next to the river. I was trying to hang on and not get sucked in...and yet wanting to...and so I did.

Every day I am being jogged by new insights that suck me into a reality that brings such happiness...and this kinda disorientates me as I seem to be swinging from one to the other. Someone mentioned that we seem to be a time of being 'bi-polar'. Yep, that's it...and did I mention that I agreed to live fully in the flow of emotions...sure am doing that and feeling each one with an intensity I'd never before experienced.

This is teaching me Mastery at a level I've never known before (as far as my current emotions and thought forms are concerned) who are frowning at this cos I've been processing my emotions for nigh on 20 years and this should be a thing of the past! We are at a stage where we really need to feel the little bits left over, otherwise we'd not notice it and how can we create a world of love if we still harbour those dregs that we are unaware of? And so our emotions are now felt so totally out of proportion...all highs and lows being amplified.

One of the insights was the pure joy and happiness we each experience with someone who has a reason to be joyful. A woman was jumping with so much happiness and joy and everyone without fail was revelling in this happiness as though it was their own.

Now I sort of understand why I was pushed/felt the need to share my experiences/photos in France on here and Facebook. We've always had a fab time there, but why was this time so special as far as sharing it was concerned? I've now got my answer. Click here to see some of the photos on FB St Gulheim-le-Desert am not going to upload all!

When we share in someone's joy and happiness it reinforces (not sure that is the word, but the best I can do at the moment) that happiness and joy within us which resonates out into our outer world.

Maybe...just maybe...all I have to do is stop analysing, creating plans and goals and simply enjoy the ride, and from this enjoyment a new way of life never envisaged before will be created.


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