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Friday, 28 April 2017

Exhausted, over tired and yet very positive

It's been a while since I last posted anything.

I find myself going "yes that's an interesting article to upload" and by the time I get around to doing it, it seems irrelevant, so I don't bother.

That's how fast things are moving for me...and I reckon for most of us. We cannot keep up!

We can barely hang on to this roller coaster, let alone take time to stop and smell the roses.

Our week away was very interesting. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but towards the end was VERY happy to be home. I actually felt bored!. This is unusual for me. I love the adventure of exploring, but lately it's not that wonderful for me.

We went away this weekend (another long four day weekend after the Easter weekend) for Anzac Day. My cousin lives in Palmerston North and we've been meaning to visit for a while, but could never quite get around to it as it's a five hour drive. Never seem to have time. I've not seen my family in Auckland lately either. Not enough time again, as life flies by.

I've not been sleeping well lately either and am exhausted mentally and physically.

This coming weekend is a 'time out' weekend, although I'm not sure how that will work as I'm on call on Saturday.

It was great seeing her and her hubby again. Last time was in London approximately 13 years ago when we all lived there. Since then they've gone back to South Africa and then emigrated here to NZ approximately 7 years ago. They have the cutest dogs.

And then there is the work situation. The department is in chaos, which is to be expected when there is sudden and dramatic change.

We had our meeting last week. It was very successful. I think what was great for everyone, was the chance to be heard.

What we've hashed out so far is that we will be self-governing and our team leader will be voted/chosen from amongst us for a one year term. Each year we will vote a new team leader (or keep the same one depending on how things went). The team leader will get an enhanced salary for that one year they are in charge.

We have several more meetings set up to discuss the way forward. But it's been very positive.

Richard and I sort of discuss things as they move forward. We seem to skirt the management issue. I get the impression that he's worried about it being seen that he and I were catalysts to this change. It was a ball that was rolling anyway, but we just seem to have speeded it up.

We've been invited to apply for permanent residency by Immigration NZ. Oh my word, I'd forgotten how much paperwork is involved in this. We even have to prove we're still together after thirty years - got an eye roll from both our children about that lol! But it's understandable as Immigration don't know us personally, so they need documentary proof.

That is adding to my burden. We need our police checks...again from both countries (SA and UK) we've lived in.

We're putting things together slowly but surely (we have four months to lodge). It's during this time that we both realised that everything is in my name...lol. Oh dear!

It is also then that I realised I'm the main breadwinner.

I do recall years ago having a vision of myself all dressed up for work, while Greg was waving me goodbye in jeans.

I know he feels uncomfortable about that, but I'm okay with it and am happy to be the stability for a change, seeing as he has always been the one. My salary over the years has always been an added bonus, but I've never actually had a career that I could focus on. I do now - it's taken me a whole year to realise this...lol.

The last time we applied for permanent residency in a country was the UK. Greg did all of it, as we went in on his ancestry. I didn't do much except help put together the documentation. This time it's my turn.

I have to admit that I am feeling very restless. Extremely restless. And I don't know why. Maybe this is contributing to my bad sleep - I feel restless during sleep too. Clearly there is a lot going on that I am unaware of.

Oh yeah...on the weekend I became a great aunt to a little cutie pie in Sydney. She's gorgeous. The expressions on her face in the photos we're sent, are priceless.

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