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Friday, 14 April 2017

Moving forward in harmony

Change has moved so fast at the sleep lab, that we are still spinning.

Tuesday evening when I walked into for the night shift, the day physiologist was still there. He was buzzing with the news. True to his word, the lead consultant had taken everyone aside on Tuesday and told them what was happening. I found out the following morning that he'd even invited the rest of the staff to the meeting. Way to go!

Our manager had contacted Richard to tell him to let us know she wasn't coming in.

This was far more sudden than expected.

The time of the meeting still stuck in my craw. We needed to do something about that. None of the other physiologists objected, they were simply happy with the knowledge that they can be part of the brainstorming, no matter the time. They were thinking of ways around sorting the clinics so they could attend.

In our opinion, it was wrong to expect us to make the compromise. Richard (as he was in during days) spoke to the consultant and I fired off an email to the project manager objecting to the time for all of us - those doing day clinics and the night staff. Requested that it be earlier in the day, as well as asking for clarification about the secrecy of the meeting because clearly the consultant didn't know it was "secret".

The following evening when I came there was a reply that the time had been changed to 8am from 10am (so my colleague and I on the night shift could hang around after our shift, rather than going home and driving back) and that she'd pulled the other staff aside and explained that the meeting was only for the physiologists.

Richard had also been sending me texts updating what was going on during the day.

There has been much discussion about who will be the team leader. No-one seems to care as long as it is someone who takes the unit forward with integrity, openness and harmony.

I agree.

There was a period last night, when Richard came over, where we both realised we felt guilty about the change foisted upon our manager. If we'd not met with the consultant, none of this change would have happened. We wondered if it could have been done with a little more compassion, instead of a bulldozer. But after a discussion, we came to the conclusion that this is what she'd created for herself. Who are we to say it's wrong? In any case, if it wasn't ripe for change, it'd never have happened.

It seems the 5D energy takes no prisoners.

This week's happenings have shown us how quickly change is made.

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