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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

3D way of working?

Since I've said yes and taken action to apply for perm residency, things have started moving at a fast pace.

During the course of last week, the stress and despair reached an all time high. When I walked into the department to start my night shift, the day physiologist was still there and in such a state as he poured his heart out letting slip about his plans to leave. Richard experienced another walking out from a stressfully overbooked clinic a day or two later.

Something has been going on in the background, but even though it affects us all, none of the management are talking to us.

My colleague, Richard and I requested a meeting with the lead clinician. He agreed to meet with us on Sunday morning for breakfast.

We decided between the two of us that we'd make the intention that it would not be a griping or finger pointing session, as that will get us nowhere. We have such a great team of people, we don't want to lose anyone. We simply want honest answers.

It was a very long and positive discussion. The first thing he wanted to know was what caused us to ask for this meeting, because clearly something had happened. There is a lot of difficult back story for the unit that I won't go into. Richard and I have been standing on the outside observing the in-house politics since we arrived.

Turns out due to the restructuring going on in the hospital, our current manager is being moved over to do the job she was originally employed to do. She will only come in to the clinic for her patient appointments and work from home the rest of the time. Her power has slowly been taken away, leaving the department floundering.

The current project manager who is sorting out our very dysfunctional department is in charge. Not sure why it was so difficult to tell us this?

He says that she will continue as business manager until they find someone to replace her, when she will move on and "fix" another department.

The upside of this is that a team leader position will eventually be created.

The clinician said he'd take each person in the unit aside and explain it.

Yesterday a letter was handed to me about a meeting set up. As I was on my own again I was too busy to look at it until I got home. It turns out it is only for physiologists and we are not to tell the others. We are ALL important, not just some.

It has also been arranged for a day that the clinician can attend next week. But...what about us? We do night shifts and are expected to come in for an hour during the day? Those that are running clinics during the day are expected to leave their patients waiting while attending. Almost feels like an pat on the head to make us feel better and included in the decisions. The invitation said that it was the only time it could be done as it was convenient for the clinician. What? So what are we - chopped liver?

Hmm...once again it reeks of sneakiness both Richard and I have picked up on. The 3D way of doing things thrown into light.

We are both wondering what is being highlighted with-in us that needs addressing.

But mostly, we believe it's our time to shine strongly with our intentions of working for the good of all, including the patients.

While I was writing this Nickelback came on How you Remind Me

I'll say a good choice, Universe, as far as dysfunctional relationships go

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