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Saturday, 15 April 2017

New improved being

I've been on-call since Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, it's difficult to do much. We've been out at dinner and I've been called back, in the middle of my meal, by the hospital to attend a patient in the High Dependency Unit. So as a result, I try not to organise much for these times.

Of course now that we are one woman down, we will be on-call more often.

Yesterday Greg woke feeling a discomfort in his lower back, which he said felt like his kidneys. He seemed okay and did some DIY in between the showers of rain.

When a sunny window appeared later, we thought we'd take advantage of the break in rain and went for a walk, but ten minutes into the walk he suddenly stopped and said he needed to go back. Turns out that the pain suddenly became blindingly sore. Said he wanted to get sick.

My husband is not one to give in to being ill, he carries on regardless. He never gets man flu/feels sorry for himself. If he is ill (which seldom happens), he will disappear and get on with the healing. Never asks for anything, except to be left alone. I'm like that too. I just want to get on with it without any fussing.

I knew that it must be serious for him to say what he did.

We hurried home. The moment we walked in, he locked himself in the loo vomiting (clearing out that which no longer serves). Trying not to hover like a clucking mother hen, I distracted myself finding out what to give him (homeopathy/herbs) to support his kidneys as they went through this change. He refused to go to A & E (everything was shut here as it was the Easter weekend). Didn't want to wait for hours to be poked, prodded and sent on his way armed with all kinds of drugs.

I keep forgetting to stock up my homeopathic medicines/herbal teas, etc. I had to leave a lot behind in the UK.

We couldn't get anything down him. Whatever went in, came out, even the cranberry pills that I managed to find at an open health food store (after driving around for ages).

Eventually I asked the question of his higher self - it turns out that he is merely going through a transformation. The body knows what it's doing and does not need any interference. I even tried healing but of course that was rejected cos he doesn't need healing. It was a transformation, a rearranging of his urinary/reproductive system - no healing needed. In other words, balance and creativity.

Funny how when we panic we fall back onto that which we know.

So last night, Traevis and I decided to snuggle down on the sofas, keeping an ear out for Greg and my on-call phone, and see what was on Netflix.

We settled on watching the BBC series Luther with Idris Elba (yum - such an under rated actor). Nothing beats a gritty British crime drama. The theme song is Paradise Circum by Massive Attack.

As soon as we pressed play, we heard the song - I got goose bumps.

It reminded me of our first trip too Sydney in 2012 (when the walk-in took place). I've loved the song ever since. We'd heard it as we were walking through Sydney's Botanical Garden. They were setting up a stage on the water for an opera/play and a huge chandelier was hanging suspended over the stage from a crane. They must have been testing the sound system and this song was playing. Good memories.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the first four episodes of Luther.

I checked on Greg throughout. He was mostly sleeping, in between toilet visits :-)

This morning I woke to find Greg spooning me. I knew instantly he was good. His energy felt fabulous - stable and clear.

He tells me that the pain was originally across his back and slowly dissipated leaving a small section of pain. Then he felt the fiery pain move down through his pelvic area finally ending on the tip of his penis where it stayed for what he felt like was eternity. Eventually that cleared and he slept like a baby.

He looks amazing this morning.

Lol... we're gonna test drive the new improved Greg - reckon we're in for some interesting surprises ;-)

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