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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sexual Evolution

The intensity of the sexual/creative energy is shaking up everyone. All those little hidden 'gems' I believed I'd cleared, echo their way through my body as the collective makes a haunting cry for change.

Enough is enough.

As you may or may not know, hubby and I, together with others, have in the past dismantled and transmuted the old 3D sexual grid, sometimes using different practices such as tantra, etc. but mostly simply transmuting the energy. This work still continues in the very competent and capable hands of others as our attention has turned to the laying of the new Earth sexuality gridwork/foundation.

The dismantling of the old energy brought much of what had been hidden to the surface, the results of which we are still seeing.

Following on from the three recent blogs and my dream, Sunday I woke with puffy eyes and an exhausted body. We decided to walk along the coast to clear the cobwebs. As we were driving to the beach, hubby out of the blue, pointed at a hillside and said, "You can sit there naked."

What the hell is he talking about?

"You said in your blog you would like to sit naked. I'll keep watch while you do so."

That just plain irritated me. First, I'd never said in my blog that I wanted to sit naked on a hillside and second, what is the fixation with naked bodies!

I didn't say anything as I wondered why I was feeling irritated by his words and decided I'd investigate later...which I didn't, of course.

Whilst walking I noticed that my auric field had hundreds of yellow tendrils extending out and disappearing into the distance. This horrified me somewhat as I am scrupulously careful about either being plugged into by others or conversely me plugging into them. I tried to recall these tendrils, but they stubbornly refused to budge and seemed to be seeking something.

Ahhh...on writing the above I've had an epiphany - sun rays extending out.

I'm not plugging into anyone. Maybe the rays are lighting/warming up someone's world?

Anyways, after this the exhaustion hit me really hard and I slept most of the afternoon.

This morning I woke feeling intensely angry, resentful and totally pissed off. I couldn't ignore them, so I sat with these emotions. Finding my centre by taking a step back, I understand that these are another layer coming up for clearing in the collective, the intensity of which is very overpowering in its demand. So in a sense as they are mine and I should do something about it.

By far the most intense feelings surround that of sex/sexuality or the creative power force - whichever way you personally see it.

Questions I hear buzzing around me, cramming themselves into my brain-

Why can you not see me, rather than my body parts?
Can't you love me for me?
Is your love for the real me, or the outer covering of my current incarnation?
Why do I have to do it the way you want?
What about what I need and want?
Do I have to hide who I am underneath layers of clothing, just in case you get the wrong impression?
What about me?

...and too many more to write down here.

We've all heard, thought or experienced these whether we are a man or woman.

The all time top of the heap womanly thought - Do you study me as intently or feel the same intensity of pleasure when I've had a great haircut or wear a beautiful new outfit as you do when you see I've had a Brazilian wax or walk around naked? Is this really what excites you? When you hug or touch me, why is the first things you place your hands on is my arse or boobs or vagina? Can you not love n hug me, taking pleasure in the whole person that is me? What about the rest of me? Does it not count?

When hubby brought up naked bodies, it hit an emotional hotspot - which seems to be happening a lot lately. Jeepers man, is he good at this or what? It certainly gets me going and helps me to focus where I should be transmuting. Haha...he points, I fetch.

This brings to mind a blog I wrote years ago saying that I point him in a direction and he fights the fight...that's certainly come back to bite me on the bum as a reflection!!

The current cry for change is about the archetypal behaviour of the sexes and the struggle that exists between them.

The New Earth does not support unbalanced power hungry energy where one dominates the other and drains them of their energy, whether male or female. Both the masculine and feminine are being asked to release these old patterns of relating to one another. It has been as it has, served its purpose, and now it is time to let go and move on.

Pleasure has always been ruled by the brain.We've never really experienced love, pleasure, joy or happiness in the very centre that it should come from - the heart.

There are so many chemical reactions involved in everything we do including sex. More often than not, we react travelling along habitual neural pathways.

Instead of reinforcing these neural pathways by continuing to to the 'same old same old', we are being asked to let it all go and allow the new to take its place without judgement or expectations, and thus, with time new neural pathways will be created by both the higher mind and higher heart. In order for this to occur, I must get out of my own way and not allow anything to distract me. Kinda like letting go of an addiction.

I know how easy it is to fall back into old patterns. My challenge is not to give in to any outside pressure trying to force me into being compliant with the old habits. I am breaking out of the mould and to a degree it makes me sad as hubby and I have had so much fun exploring all of these different New Age practices.

I am grateful for the experiences as they've propelled me to go higher and further that I could ever have believed possible. The change is so far out of my comfort zone. I have nothing to measure it against, I am feeling my way minute by minute, no longer on auto pilot.

We are creating something that none of us can perceive as possible. Finding the balance and harmony between heart and mind, body and spirit, male and female, where neither rules the other. Therefore we should not to place any expectations, name or box it, or else we limit the amazing potentials.

We have a lot of muck to wade through before we can really understand this very potent energy in all its forms, meeting each other heart to heart, perfect whole and complete.

*Sigh* I was almost a Master...and maybe I was in the Old World, but now I'm at the start of a new apprenticeship.

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