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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vivid dream of house

I had a very vivid dream again last night. This one and the previous one of a few weeks ago are helping me to understand that I am on the right track even though it may seem otherwise. Dreaming about houses occurs quite often and believe it represents me and where I am.

I cannot remember the first part of the dream. What I do remember is the driving need to visit a house that hubby and I had seen before.

Standing outside the front door I wondered why we were here. The door swung open and drew us inside. I recognised it as a house I’d seen before in many a dream but somehow it was different.

It was huge and rambling as well as going up and down. I stood at the top of the basement stairs remembering that the last time I’d been in this house it had been haunted by very unhappy spirits. I hesitated about going to have a look down there, but the rest of the house felt rather good.

There was so much else to see. The house seemed to change and morph the happier I became as I walked around.

Hubby and our two children (both young) were wandering around as well. What really struck me was the amount of bathrooms it had. There seemed to be as many bathrooms as bedrooms. I’ve had a similar dream before.

Our furniture started to arrive which confused me because this wasn’t our house – we lived elsewhere and weren’t planning on moving.

Puzzled I wandered around the ever changing house trying to find where the master bedroom would be. The house was perched on the edge of a lake. I wanted to replicate the view of what we'd had at our house in South Africa before emigrating to the UK - these two pictures.

The ideal bedroom had a tiny high up window on the lake side, but the en suite shower room had a massive window looking out over the garden at the side. Hmm…I pondered making the window bigger…but then dismissed it as it wasn’t my house.

Taking a walk around outside I noticed that it was sort of 'not in great shape', lol...but had so much potential to be.

All kinds of plans ran through my head about what we could do to make it liveable, but again dismissing the idea because it wasn’t our house.

The agent (of the house that we rent in real life) arrived. He handed hubby the keys and wished us luck with our purchase.

Eh? I don’t recall buying a house. I did feel a frisson of fear run through me. I'm not sure why. I think it might be to do with being tied down?!

When I asked hubby about the mortgage, a deposit or signing documents, he merely shrugged and said that the agent had sorted it out. It was his gift to us for being such great tenants!

Woohoo…that was when the excitement really kicked in…until I realised that the house was in England and we were planning to move to Australia. Then I felt sad for a brief second before my daughter (who currently lives in Australia) said, ‘That’s okay, Mom, we’ll come live with you’.

I grinned running around with my arms open yelling with happiness because we had so much space that everyone we knew could share our space.

I dragged my son outside, who was now grown up, and asked him if he could build a deck for us that ran around the house. ‘See,’ I said to him, ‘Your skills as a carpenter will come in handy now we have a house to work on.’

The next thing we were walking along the edge of the lake, some dogs were running along the edge of the property, fenced in. I knew they were our dogs even though we don't have any. 

Actually, now that I think on it, it felt like I'd moved out of one reality into a totally different reality and I was having to adjust to it without letting on I didn't have a clue what was going on!!

Despite being puzzled, I went along with the feeling and opened the gate to let them out to walk with us. As the dogs gamboled about investigating all the new scents, our son (once again very young) who was riding his bicycle next to me on the sandy path said, “Mom, you now have something to leave your kids.”

That brought tears of happiness to my eyes and still makes me emotional.

I was leaving a legacy behind.

My happiness I woke me up.

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