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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Star families

On a whim I made a spur of the moment decision to fly out to Nice, Cote d'Azur to visit my friend in Menton. I simply needed a break from all the logical medical jargon I am currently studying and get a good soaking of the feminine whimsical magical world of the esoteric the two of us occupy when together. When I contacted her to find out if it was okay, she mentioned that I'd been constantly in her thoughts the last few days...and voila! here I was contacting her about a visit.

One evening after a busy day, we decided to exchange healing/meditation session. My healings are not healings as such but more creating a safe supportive space so that someone is able to do what they need to do, trusting that I will hold them as they do so without judgement. I can then tell them what I have seen occurring.

I went first. Please bear in mind that we were in a space where nothing ever happens in a linear way and all was occurring more or less at once. I shall attempt to construct so that it flows. I may seem to have had some thought processes, but mostly they were flashes of insights rather than thoughts. I follow my instincts, guided by the person's energy and body.

Once I'd created the safe space, white cowled monks appeared standing in a row either side of her body. They started chanting in deep low voices that sent spirals of energy up and down my body acting as support for both of us. As they were chanting I felt myself swaying in time. A short while later I heard the single note of a church organ before it launched into the wedding march.


The march played over and over again with the deep chanting of the monks in the background. The chanting did not seem to be in any way connected to the wedding march and yet seemed to complement it perfectly.

The wedding march died away but the chanting continuing. The white cowled monks stepped back and in their place were black cowled monks. I think this continued for a while before they all joined together black white black white and walked around the area where my friend lay, all the while chanting.

I saw her body open up and a pale bluish being sat up looking rather dejected and unhappy. I felt quite overwhelmingly sad as she was feeling she'd not achieved what she'd incarnated for.

I moved my hands to her ribcage. As I did so, a greyish-blue mist seemed to rise up from inside out of the top of her chest. She started coughing. Later on she told me that she felt like she was choking.

I wondered briefly if the mist was clearing something. As it continued to pour out, not going anywhere, I changed my mind when it started forming into something around her head, neck and shoulders. Slowly the mist became a mantle of grey/blue feathers. Out of these feathers a...what I can only describe as...body armour rose up creating something that looked like horns pointing up.

At this stage I was distracted by the arrival of a group of beings. I recognised them as having a similar kind of head, neck and shoulder thing going that was around my friend's head. They all had the same colouring of feathers and armour and all were women. Again, like my friend, I could only see them from the chest up. Their legs and abdomen were invisible.

This was her soul/star family supporting her during the integration, helping her to remember who she is and where she comes from. It was then that I understood the significance of the wedding march. On reflection now, I am not sure whether the mist was actually coming from within her or only appeared to do so - the mind does question so much that it brings doubts.

In amongst all the women was one man, whose feathers and hair were black. I asked the reason for this - it turns out that the male of the species are black and the females are the bluish/grey.

I felt quite emotional the whole time that they were there and spent most of the time crying as I worked on her body, on occasion taking time out to blow my nose - quietly - trying not to disturb the beautiful heart-warming intense transformation/integration occurring.

On occasion I had the impulse to gently shake her hips, legs and feet as though helping whatever 'it' was to discover where the edges of her body were so that who or whatever she is/was taking form would know.

Her bluish hands were long and taloned, the feathers of her wings sprouting from her actual arms rather than being separate. Her elbows had small claws that are used for grasping. I believe that the rest of her will slowly come into existence as she integrates the changes and becomes more aware.

All in all she is a very graceful being. Those of her star family keeping her company were peaceful despite the warrior-like armour.

Afterwards, whilst I was telling her what I'd seen,  her star family remained and when we had questions they answered them - well mostly they answered, sometimes they merely shook their head. I was shown how the horn on her shoulders moved down and flattened when her wings were open. It sorta reminded me of the knob-like section we have on our shoulders that disappears when we lift our arms. It seemed that this horn was a form of protection for her neck.

I tried to find pictures that depicted what she looks like but wasn't very successful. The two that I have put up are similar (the feathers and colours) but not quite what I was seeing - unfortunately I am not able to draw well enough to capture it on paper.

Today I was surfing the net and came across the word valkyrie which immediately made me think of her and gave me chills of acknowledgement. As far as I know, the beserkers are the male counterparts of the valkyrie. I have yet to tell her any of this.

This episode made me wonder about our star families and what little we know about them. I recall being told by Athena that all mythological creatures are merely given a part in our earthly story that keeps them alive to us. The Cyclopeans, for example, are not the violent one eyed creatures - but their story was very apt in our violent and dark episode.

Our star species are waiting for us to acknowledge them as we remove the blinkers from our eyes.

I did not ask about her family as I figured it was her story to find out.

I so enjoyed doing this healing meditation. It also made me realise how much I miss something I used to do regularly for many years.

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