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Friday, 16 December 2016

Hot flushes of cleansing

Last night when I climbed into bed, I lay thinking about a few things and suddenly got all hot and sweaty...a hot flush.

Oh dear god, I thought, not again. I so hate this. On this occasion I directed my anger at Athena.

I got some answers that were so unexpected. Despite my grumbly irritation I had to conceded that there was truth in them there words.  I didn't want to, I was prepared to hang on to my anger.

Me: Why the hell does this happen despite me trying countlesss number of vitamins/remedies, clearing of emotions and all the other bloody stuff I do. I feel like I am constantly failing with this quest to find the answer.

Athena: It is burning away the old and then you sweat it out. You know perfectly well that anything that cleared needs to leave the body somehow. The fires cleanse, the sweat clears the resulting toxins out of your body.

Me:  Surely it can be done in another way.

Athena:  What would you suggest?

Me:  Something that would be less obvious. I get so hot, sweaty and bright red. Do I need this?

Athena:  Again I ask you what would you suggest?

Me:  I dunno - maybe a nose bleed or feeling so cold that I turn blue, or something like that.

Athena:  That would mean a nose bleed that lasts for many many hours and if you wish to be cold instead, it would take days. If you choose diarrhoea, you could be sitting on the toilet for a long while. Which would you prefer - a long drawn out cleansing or a quick flash of burning?

Accompanying this exchange there were feelings as well as vision. A complete package of what misery I'd go through if it was done slower. Still I grumbled.

Me: It seems to be forever that I am having these hot flushes. Years in fact. Does it ever end?

Athena: Yes, once you have cleared every single thing that holds you back from being your Authentic Self.

Me: When I am at work the hot flushes seem worse, both here and in the UK. I just assumed that maybe this was because the job stresses me, even though I don't feel stressed? What is that all about?

Athena: Your energies overlap with that of the patient, thereby giving you the chance to cleanse away something they are unable to do themselves. Sometimes the patient is not prepared to accept it, but mostly they do and walk out with a smile. You can't NOT impact on those around you. And even those that are not physically in contact with you, you influence. Embrace and love these flushes as they are not a negative, but a positive.

Me: So when Greg and I have intimate moments, I get hot flushes. Is it just my stuff, collective or both?

Athena:  You have a vision and in order to embrace the vision of what you want, you need to clear out that which no longer serves. Your body is very compliant. Sometimes it feels like you are marching on the same spot, as the clearing and cleansing occurs. You do finally make the leap in consciousness. Again this is influenced by your "in service" work. Clearing and cleansing for many. Each leap you make, you take others with you. And vice versa.  It is a two way street. You are all connected, whether you want to know or not.

I did know this, but in my bullish self focus/preoccupation over the last 3 years to get where I needed to be, I thought I was of no use to anyone. Lol...that sounds rather self pitying and it probably is, a little foible that comes with being human.

Don't ask me why I've never asked the question about "hot flushes" before, maybe I thought I had all the answers or I wasn't ready to hear the answer. Or it could be that I've not really wanted to have much contact with Athena because I thought that side of my life would be too distracting.

And...maybe I was hoping I could be a princess on a pedestal after all the clearing work I've done. But clearly that is not the case as I'm still as human as everyone else.

So if you ever see me looking a little pink, don't ask me if it's because of your stuff or mine. I don't bloody know. All I know is it is VERY uncomfortable.

P.S. What I omitted to mention is that even though I thought I'd "failed" each time I'd been nudged to take something, it was an assistance my body needed at that specific time. I keep forgetting how amazing our bodies are.

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