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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Our Psychic Memory-filled Hair

Yesterday I had the two stitches in my hair removed.

As I washed my hair today I thought about our hair. I recalled a blog I'd written in Portal to Love and Pleasure on 4 May 2011 called The Fascinating Truth About Our Hair. It seems from an experiment with Vietnam soldiers that our hair is a sort of antenna and if cut it, we lose our psychic abilities.

There are also sects that shave their hair so that as they clear beliefs and emotions the old memories stored in the hair are also cleared. I am sure that there is merits in both.

I then went on to think about the cyst removal and how the GP had to cut a few strands of hairs around the cyst so he could get better access. It made me wonder if the memory (17 years!) of the cyst retained by those follicles was also being removed.

Which then led me to thinking about what hair goes through every day. We slather loads of chemicals on it and heat it for shape and colour.

Does this keep the memories in place or somehow warps the memories within each follicle or stops us being psychic?

Would be interesting to find out. A before and after story.

Hmm...maybe I am my own before and after story. Did I start doing better once I got over my fear of not colouring and cutting my hair regularly? I must have - because since then (and I am talking about maybe 9 years ago) I have grown in my abilities and yet at the same time cleared that which no longer serves, to reach a good place.

Although the reasons I stopped was not because I'd gotten over my fear of being 'grey'. The first and main reason was that my body was reacting badly to the chemicals in the hair colours and the second smaller reason is that I was getting tired of getting 'hit on' by men. I reckoned going grey was my protective armour as most look at the grey hair before the face and back off. It also got me the respect I found I wasn't getting as a 'younger' looking person.

I realise now that this was all my own stuff and had nothing to do with what anyone was 'doing' to me, but at the time was a good way of getting me to love who I really am.

I don't know that I could have my hair as long as this picture. When it starts getting past my bra strap it gets a bit heavy and in the way, so when I feel the need, I have it trimmed. Maybe I'm getting rid of those old memories I no longer need!

Which brings me to the perception that going grey is a downhill trip into aging, which I believed at one time.

Me n my hair
My hair is not actually grey, it is white. It sometimes looks grey or yellowish when intermingled with the dark hair. A perception also persists that grey hair is coarse. It isn't, it's just like my dark hair - in a different colour. It looks like I have highlights - I've often been asked if it has been purposely coloured that way.

I love my hair as it is - natural, at times silky and soft, sometimes wild and wavy, always emotional, has good days and bad days, and is made up of various colours - it's an expression of me.

My white hair is the wisdom of me, whilst the dark hair is the youthful side of me. The white follicles have a habit of wanting to spread themselves wherever I am. I reckon they have a purpose - like filaments of light going out into the world. Lol...that's my take on it and I'm sticking with it.

I celebrate my youthful dark hair and wisdom-filled white hair - the combination of which is so incredibly perfect for me, thanking my wonderful mop of hair for accompanying me ever further and deeper on my path of enlightenment.

The fact that I don't colour, use product in, blow dry or straighten my hair, doesn't mean I won't change my mind. At the moment, it is simply where I am...and I am comfortable with that.

 So, the conclusion that I draw is that we are all where we need to be with regard to our hair. Nothing is right or wrong, we are each simply where we are in any given moment in time.

Viva la difference!

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