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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

In love with life

Further to the Return to Innocence blog...

The essence of innocence gives joie de vivre greater depth, is far more encompassing and seemingly complex than I've ever understood.

A graceful movement, a brief touch, a voice singing, the laughter of a child, sunsets can all bring so much pleasure leading to a state of orgasmic bliss.

I'd damp down the orgasmic state when interacting with anyone other than hubby. Mostly because when feeling this, it was corrupted by the deeply held generation upon generation mis-belief that this is a sexual state and should be 'acted' upon as per our world where sex is/was power and power is/was sex...and really...do you want to feel aroused by parents, siblings, children?

It is this deeply held mis-belief that I have been clearing for what seems like aeons.

Arousal is a state of pleasure, delight and happiness with life...and, as I've discovered, so much more. The fact that a small boy may have an erection does NOT mean he wants sex. He is simply delighted with his world and in love with life.

The taboo has been perpetuated through centuries of brainwashing into making us believe from childhood that this pure and innocent state of arousal is sinful and therefore frowned upon.

During the time when I was channeling Lighted Loving, one of the many lessons they gave me was this one. I didn't really understand it at the time...but now, many years later, I 'get it'.

I wonder if this is how the corruption of innocence started - misinterpreted by a mind not 'quite right'. Someone who wanted to return to the state of innocence themselves and in that desperate need, tried to take it away from another and yet finding it never filled the black hole that seemed to exist within. This desperate search and need generation after generation spread throughout humanity.

Maybe in order to protect the innocence of all, it was deemed necessary to make it a 'sin' or otherwise be taken advantage of? Dunno...just a thought - I am merely speculating and my perception will change the deeper I go. No judgement, merely observation as it is part of our fall and the exploration of every aspect of emotion.

Karezza has helped me to really understand where innocence fits in with sex. I had a truckload of questions that needed answering. In order to understand, I had to experience, so we explored Karezza (although at the time I did not know the reason - hindsight is a wonderful thing!). The warring factions with-in me brought me to my knees and yet at the same time, answered many deeply held questions I had no idea I was harbouring.

Being part of the team laying the new grid, I have understood and experienced  how much the energy of innocence has added an amazing array of potentials. Take any living word and add innocence...it feels totally different...and brings to mind 'the lion will lay down with the lamb'. It is not merely an intellectual concept to me any more, I feel it resonating within my very cells.

All of us have been on a mission to find that innocent part of us that has been missing for many lifetimes, completely obscured by the rampant grid of lust and power thus reducing everything to something very aggressive and negative.

Finding the innocent place with-in myself, despite my own inner warring over 'who, where and what' came to fruition when I withdrew. The abstinence allowed me to sift through and sort out for myself the 'who, where and what' thereby releasing me so that I can move forward with hubby. It is like opening a birthday present.

So whilst Karezza may not be for everyone, it was necessary for me to experience. Will we continue with it? I am not sure...we'll go with the flow wherever it takes us. No expectations...merely anticipation.

The last bit of work of laying, anchoring and activating this beautiful energy within the grid was finalised on the day of the Super Moon, 12 July. It was also activated within us. It has and will continue to bring much to the surface adding to all the energy currently swirling around.

The time felt right for the resumption of intimacy, the essence of innocence giving further depth to our lovemaking, adding a new dimension to the energies of delight, pleasure, passion, harmony, laughter and so many more I couldn't begin to name.

Initially I was hesitant to put a foot wrong, the worry being that it will go away and I will be searching again. I have made a blooper or two, but once soothed into understanding that this energy is extremely resilient and without a doubt, here to stay, and as I assisted with the grid, I have been experimenting using the essence of innocence.

The first time when I had my back problem and secondly when I had a cyst removed last week. The GP who did it, couldn't have been more unappealing. He bent over me sniffing constantly, was rough and impatient. The whole while I wrapped loving innocence around me, completely neutral. The wound healed beautifully - no pain or discomfort at all.

My eyes have been constantly watering for about a week. At times I find the brightness outside too strong, even when overcast. I don't know why, but wonder if it is something to do with the world's lost innocence and the happiness to re-discover it? Our new world takes some adjusting to.

I know it may take a while for it to become the 'norm'...eventually all of us will be in love with life. In the meanwhile this energy is waiting to be used. Add it to anything and everything and you'll be amazed at the powerful difference.

I raise my glass in celebration, gratitude and acknowledgement of everything that has brought me to this place as well as to every person on earth, each one of us contributing, whether directly or indirectly.

Slainte and thank you. May the return of innocence blossom and flower within all of us.

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