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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 4 November 2013


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I’ve not written for a while…mostly because there is nothing much to say…and yet there is. Anyways, much has been written by others and I have nothing to add to it…as I find myself fully immersed in something far beyond my ken.

We’ve experienced re-boots before but never to the extent that we are currently absorbed in. I never know which way is up at the moment. See Jennifer Hoffman's - The Energies of November 2013 - she explains it far better than I could.

My little netbook (Miss Jones) had a complete meltdown about two weeks ago…so off to the computer doctor she went. It took them ages to get her stripped down to reinstall programmes, not because they couldn’t do it, but simply because they were so busy. Our computers are having a hard time adjusting to the changes in frequency that are happening at such a rate that almost daily they are having to upgrade themselves to adjust to the frequencies emitted by the humans working with them.

I feel like my netbook. Not set back to factory settings – but given a complete overhaul that stripped me of everything I know and understand. The new programmes have never been experienced before in this body. I’m a babe in the woods, but despite this, the woods are warm and embracing. My greatest supporters are Mother Earth and Nature…where would I be without them?

I have no idea how many times hubby and I have unexpectedly been caught in the rain as we download filaments of light that need to go directly onto the skin, and therefore, into the body.

I feel myself edging closer to change…but still I am not sure what this change is. All I know is that when it happens it will be far beyond anything I could ever have imagined and will happen quickly.

I had an inkling of the change when St Germain visited me on an occasion, but it is not something that I could actually comprehend enough to get my brain around. The feeling that came with the split second of insight of the change is also rather elusive.


Passion…how many of us have lost our passion. I used to have this in spades when it came to working. I loved my job with a passion and gave 150%. The interaction with patients and my colleagues always had me singing and happy – I really wanted to be there. But this passion has waned.

I no longer have the same buzz that comes with helping others. It is now not our place to take away people’s responsibility for themselves. We can give them direction and some advice, but mostly it is not wanted…or ever really needed.

Have you ever noticed someone asking for advice from many others only to reject everything unless it is someone who gives advice that resonates with that person? We will do what we want to do. That is our path to walk and everything we do, whether a mistake or not, is geared towards our understanding and learning. We can only ever be a sounding board of support for each other.


Confusion is so prevalent in the NHS these days which is in total chaos. Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, dentists, vets are no longer places where we can expect someone to take responsibility for our (or our pet's) healing. And yet we are still operating exactly as we used to – hence the descent into chaos.

Standing one day in the control room, one of the consultants (who loves quantum science) mentioned that he would like to write a piece on entropy.

Huh? What the hell is entropy?

Descent into chaos was his explanation.

I looked it up - found this meaning "Greek en-, in; + Greek trop, transformation" and this sentence in an article - The idea of entropy describes the way in which the Universe heads inexorably toward a higher state of disorder. I thought that this was rather fitting for the current times – ‘higher state of disorder’.

Hospitals fill most of the public with fear. They shouldn’t as they should be places of light, filled with love – much like a hospice. The heaviness is far more marked than it ever has been. To be immersed in this dark heavy energy is very difficult, especially as we are all embodying more of the light, whether we know it or not. We are edging to the brink of change - it feels rather slow and tedious.

What the medical profession is being asked is this – Can you support someone on their journey to healing without interfering? This is totally different to the old energy of – I know what is best for you and you are not allowed to have your own opinion.

I see this leading to far better days. How often do we hear the words – ‘it gets worse before it gets better’?

I’m hanging on to those words for dear life.

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