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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Distributing the dramatic solar energies evenly

Over the last two weeks I kept getting a sore on the roof of my mouth on the hard palate - in the area where it meets the soft palate. Initially I thought it was merely because I was rundown or had eaten something that had caused it or it was part of the ascension symptoms (blah di blah di blah) and it would eventually heal and go away.

But it didn't. It seemed to get worse. In fact started to feel like a burn, was getting bigger and one section of my gum was also getting inflamed with what felt like a burn. 

It could not possibly be a burn, I thought. I tried to ignore it for a day or so, but the 'burn' thought kept bugging me. What could be burning me and why the top of my mouth?

Slowly the answer started to sink in through various synchronicities and other occurrences that made me understand that this random thought was in fact true.

I'd do the tantric breathing and it would start to clear up, but once I stopped it would be back with a vengeance. It took me a while to connect the dots.

We all know that the solar flares lately have been almost continuous and very strong. For me, it comes in through the crown and if I don't make an effort to bring it down into the body, it simply stays there creating all kinds of havoc. This got me thinking about the possibility that the solar energy coming in through the crown was trying to make its way down into the body, but couldn't because there was no bridge for it to cross.

So I decided to experiment.

Tantra talks about completing the circuit using the tongue and I wondered if somehow only completing the circuit at certain times of the day was now not enough. The energy is far more intense...and possibly I need to be more conscious of what I am doing rather than letting it randomly do its bit.

There are many meridians that run through the body, but two of them are master meridians - both are connected at the perineum.

One runs up/down the front through the soft tissue and ends at the tip of the tongue, the other runs up/down through the vertebrae up the cranium and ends at the roof of the mouth. If the tip of the tongue is not touching the roof of the mouth this circuit is not completed.

In meditation or during lovemaking I'd place the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and breathe in. As I did so I'd, pull the energy coming in through the crown down to the perineum and then using my pelvic muscles, would to kick it back up the spine to the roof of the mouth, thus completing the circuit.

But I was only doing it on these occasions - as well as at random times throughout the day. I have now discovered that the tongue needs to be in this position all day so that the energy does not burn a hole in my palate!  And to consciously breathe the energy around the circuit, reinforcing this energy during the day.

Wow did it clear up quickly! If I stop, it comes back. Talk about proof...

It also makes me wonder if all the other symptoms that occur around my head and neck are congested solar energy.

I have also noticed another phenomenon which again points to consciously and actively creating. Whenever I click on something on the internet and I simply do it as a matter of course without thinking, nothing happens. I have to completely focus on what I am doing, almost as though my laptop needs a 'definite' instruction rather than one that is rote.

That is one simple example.

It seems that it is no longer acceptable to do anything on 'automatic'. I/We are being asked to be conscious and FULLY present.

That might take some doing...


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