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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Haha...sore bum!

Yesterday was a lovely day both weather-wise and activity-wise.

I woke in the morning with a massive headache. One that was on the scale of migraine. I've not had a migraine for about 8 years. Used to get them regularly as a child/teenager and on and off as an adult. But, it did not worry me too much as I did not have the strange shimmering ring-like aura in my vision that comes with it.

And, I did not want it intefering with my special day of riding, so I took a couple of painkillers.

It never crossed my mind that it was the 8/8/2015 (8+8+8) Lion's gate during which, according to many astrologers, there is a huge download/portal or something or another.

To me it was a good day to look forward to. Horseriding!

We drove down a very rough rode to get to the stables - a bit like bundu bashing in Africa. At the farm, the place was buzzing as it is a Saturday and school holidays.

Unexpectedly, everyone was wearing wellies instead of riding boots. Suppose it makes sense as most year round it will be muddy cos of the perpetual downpours. Saves me the expense of riding boots as EVERYONE in the UK has wellies.

Unfortunately, the owner I'd been in contact with was still on holiday and they did not have our booking. So they rearranged what they had for that morning and we landed up taking a ride out into the forest with the owner's daughter.

It was lovely, a very gentle re-introduction to riding after decades. It felt very comfortable. Both of us were a bit worried about getting our riding legs back, so we requested a few trots and canters, but mainly walked chatting as we went along. More of a social event than anything else.

Haha...I'd forgotten how much of a bony bum I have. I used to have a sheepskin clothe over my saddle to help my poor beleaguered bottom that has no fat on it. What can I say? Despite being older and weighing more...I must still have a bony bum :-) I'd also forgotten how much of a short bandy legged cowboy you feel once you get off!

I rode Cas, a lovely Welsh Shire, a little green but lovely to ride and according to them "for experienced riders" - I wasn't sure, but reckoned I was up for a challenge. He was a beautiful 8 year old with furry feet (see picture). It was perfect as I love Shire Horses. Yikes, it was only when both horses arrived at the mounting station that I realised how ginormous they are. Once mounted, it didn't feel so bad and slipped back into riding mode without any effort.

The day was sunny and very warm, the forest stunning. Simply put - it was a grand day. A text later from my friend said a near perfect day. Indeed in almost every way...except the sore bum...

Until later that afternoon when the migraine really took hold and the strange shimmering aura-like vision occurred.

I was determined it wasn't going to spoil the rest of my day or develop in any way. I grounded myself properly and ordered the cause of the migraine to leave. It occurred to me while I was doing this that possibly what I was experiencing was nothing to do with me because most of it moved out of my body and I was left with an acceptable residue. Probably something to do with the bolt of electricity Athena gave me.

This morning when I sat on the side of the bed, the pain had me bolt upright quickly. I also still have a slight sore head today...but it too will pass.

We're off to do some walking today, get those muscles working and some fresh air.

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