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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The numerology of life

These past three years have been rather stressful. I'd almost liken it to the "dark night of the soul"...but having been through many of those, I'm not sure it qualifies...or maybe it does in a different way.

When I first decided end 2012 (after adamantly and stubbornly resisting) to study further - I caught myself by surprise at the turn around. Still dragging my feet I had to apply for the position as a "trainee" in order to study further, my heart and mind horrified at the idea, but still the momentum carried me forward. Passing the exam for this in July this year has opened doors to so much and was the stepping stone I needed to achieve to move forward.

Then in 2014, Greg and I decided it was time to move countries and we had Australia in our sights. But that turned into a dead duck - no matter which way we turned the door slammed shut. I became more and more despondent knowing that I had to do something but not sure what it was.

Finally at the beginning of this year, we made a decision that Australia was off the cards and that we must face up to the reality of remaining in the UK. The relief once we'd made the decision was huge.

In the meanwhile, our son who'd gone to Australia for a gap year, came back. Our daughter came out on holiday in March and declared that she was returning as this was her home. But...she had one month to go to get her citizenship in Australia so she'd remain there until it was granted.

A month later she phoned me frantically cos she'd lost her birth certificate and could not apply for the citizenship until she had the original. Hoo boy, blind panic because she had to apply to South Africa where it takes a ludicrously looooong time to get anything. I sent my mother a Christmas parcel in November last year and she only received it in July this year! Long story short, our daughter sits and waits in Australia for her birth certificate to arrive. It has been five months now and no sign of the certificate on the horizon.

In August New Zealand suddenly and unexpectedly rocked my radar. I found myself rather doubtful, but again something propelled me along and agreed to a job interview...and voila! here I am making preparation to leave the UK by December. Greg will remain here, while I do a three month probation. Once I decide I like NZ and the job, he will pack up the house and move out there.

I sit here dumbfounded wondering where the hell that came from. Telling everyone at work was rather difficult. They were stunned and there was a few tears. I find myself tearing up thinking about it...but it feels so right to do this.

About 4 or 5 years ago I had a vision of us living in a land that made me think of Canada. I knew it would be close to hot springs in a very sparsely populated country. The city I will be living in is Hamilton and you guessed it - it is near hotsprings, a place called Frying Pan Lake. Is it New Zealand I saw in the vision? I have never been there...EVER. Well, not in this lifetime anyway.

And yet there is a part of me that recognises this as the end of a cycle. It feels like I will be coming full circle, as though I incarnated for the first time in the area of New Zealand and now need to complete the cycle there.

Whether I am there for a long time or am merely there for a few months simply to complete the cycle, I don't know.

It also doesn't surprise me that I never have any idea where I am going. Probably because if I did, I'd fog it up with expectations and thus change the destiny.

Numerologically this all makes sense and this is what I worked out (18 year cycles).


Age 18 left Namibia in 1980
18 (1+8=9)
1980 (1+9+8=18)   (1+8=9)

My year and date of birth are both 9s

Left South Africa at age 36 in 1998
36 (3+6=9)
1998 (1+9+9+8=27)   (2+7=9)

Leaving UK just before 54th birthday and landing in New Zealand to start new life in 2016
54 (5+4=9)
2016 (2+1+6=9)

9 in numerology is completion and fulfillment but I seem to need two cycles of 9 to achieve this, i.e. 9+9=18 which lands up being 9 anyway (1+8=9)

11s and 2s

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign of the Zodiac.


Birth month = 2

My day and month of birth add up to 11 – 1+1=2 as does the combination of day, month and year of my birth and, strangely enough,so does my name.

9 is the most dominant number in my life

Followed by 11 and 2

What are your numbers?

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