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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Give me one good reason

I think I've got to slow down. I am so tired, I don't seem to have the energy.

I'm working extra hours doing clinics as one of the physiologists is away for five weeks over Christmas/New Year.

My three week holiday at the end of next week cannot come fast enough. I used to take holidays all the time in the UK, but I don't think I have done much holidaying since arriving in NZ. I've collected so much vacation time in the last two years. Luckily we can role it over from year to year.

To top it all I'm interviewing for trainees to start mid January - I need to sort this before I leave next week. One of the physiologists is on maternity leave until May, so I've decided to give some trainees a taste of sleep. Yikes, never knew how many people out there want to learn about sleep! Unfortunately HR is so short staffed, the managers have to do everything they would normally do. Huge learning curve for me to understand a recruitment system that is anything but easy or transparent.

One morning this week I realised how little responsibility I used to have. Could do my job and leave without worry. No more!

Juggling clinics while doing my managerial job, getting bombarded with questions between patients, phone calls, people popping in from other departments asking questions, troubleshooting, calls for ward visits. Even get interrupted in my clinics by phone calls and physiologists asking questions. I don't really mind, but Friday just felt like the cherry on top of an already exhausted me. I suppose being on call two weeks in a row hasn't helped either with phone calls all hours of the night.

What the hell was I thinking? Trying to prove that I'm bloody Super Woman!? I have a habit of doing this regularly through my life and then wonder why my batteries run flat.

A bone of contention for months now, has been with payroll who keep getting the physiologists' pay incorrect. Its been a constant toing and froing sorting out the mess they've made these last three months, thinking it's done, only to discover in the next fortnightly pay packages, that they haven't. One thing gets sorted and another pops up. I wanna scream with frustration. How difficult can it be to understand a timesheet and/or instructions!!

We're also a receptionist short. One of our receptionists applied for a better paying job and more hours elsewhere in the hospital. Our stalwart receptionist whose been there years, is once again picking up the slack, working extra hours and training temps until we find a replacement. Unfortunately the admin staff don't fall under my remit, so I rely on their Team Leader, who like me has just started and still learning the complicated ropes.

Good grief, nothing in the hospital is straight forward. How on earth did things get so convoluted?

As our one receptionist is only part time, the physiologists have all been taking turns to sit at reception, answer the phone, sort queries, admit and discharge patients, book patients in overnight, etc.all the while seeing patients in clinic.

A big shout out to my lovely team for rolling with the punches, as they pick up the slack.

We've finally finished evaluating the machines/masks and other equipment. Decision made and yet it all needs to go through some slow moving dinosaur-like approval from who bloody knows where to who knows bloody what. I gave up trying to understand the un-transparent complicated hospital process. I merely asked if I could order the new equipment and I got the go ahead to do so. I'll leave the headache of the other "stuff" to the Service Manager.

Sigh - feel like I take two steps forward and three back.

Tracy sums up how I am feeling about the hospital lately.

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