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Sunday, 2 July 2017

De-cluttering and moving forward

The first two weeks in the position of Acting Team Leader has been quite a challenge, an exciting challenge. I was starting to get a bit bored with my job, feeling like I needed more stimulation and boy, did I get it in bucketloads!!

The changes are swooping hard, fast, but with ease. I'm quite surprised by the amazing backing I am getting from all, from the team up to management. Whatever I want, I ask for and get. Before I left for holiday I sent a request for quite a few things and when I got back it had been attended to. Wow!

I find my brain speeds ahead going over the changes and finding little holes to plug up, so nothing gets left behind.

I closed the unit down last week on Friday afternoon to have a clear out of the clutter. Many of the afternoon appointments were moved double and triple booked in the morning. All the physiologists rose to the occasion and the morning flowed easily, no patients left behind. In the afternoon, I had a bit of admin to deal with, so by the time I got to helping out, everyone had taken everything down from the walls and shelves and were busy washing walls, surfaces and cleaning computer equipment. One of the physiologists was under the desks sorting out the cabling, which was neatly wound up and put on hooks on the wall so they are easy to get to. You have no idea how cluttered that room (in fact the whole unit) was. Kind of reminded me of those TV shows you watch where people horde for decades and can barely get into their houses.

The de-clutter and clean has had an amazing affect on all, now that the stagnant energy has moved. The place is airier bigger and lighter as though a weight has been lifted from everyones' shoulders. There is still quite a bit to do, but the bulk of it is sorted.

Lol "moving forward" has become a standard phrase for us all.

My old position has been advertised. We had to take the advert down off the hospital website after a week because of the overwhelming response, which has taken us by surprise. Applicants are from all over the world. I'm wondering if people are trying to find the furtherest most isolated first world country, in an attempt to get away from the crazy-ness out there, still earn good money and enjoy a great lifestyle. Luckily the hospital is geared for overseas applicants, so that won't pose a problem.

I'd love to employ them all, but can only choose one. I have enough work for 6 more physiologists lol. I'm thinking of eventually putting in a business plan to show that we need more staff, but I currently have more pressing things that need my attention.

I find myself walking down the corridor to do something, getting sidetracked by constant interruptions, that by the time I get to where I was going, I'd forgotten why I was going there. I've taken to carrying a little notebook with me.

I'm still running clinics at the same time. My email inbox is cluttered with all the mail that I am copied into. I'm constantly having meetings. But despite this I find it exhilarating as with each day, the changes are noticeable. I am sincerely hoping that it all calms down once the clinic changes are in place - deadline is 1st August. Everything else is changing as we go along. It is rather chaotic...as change always is. I can see/feel my vision and this is what I focus on constantly, no matter what.

My to do list grows then gets smaller, then grows, then gets smaller. I'm constantly sending notes to myself. The one thing I am finding a wee bit difficult is the phone calls at night from the nurses on the respiratory ward, despite not being on call. Once I'm wide awake I find it difficult to settle back down to sleep. This is on my to do list to discuss with the clinical director. He needs to put something in place. The previous manager may have been okay with the constant interrupted sleep, but I am NOT.

From next week, things will get more demanding as one of the consultants arrives back. The following week the clinical director gets back from holiday. I will have my work cut out for me then. I'm very grateful for these last two weeks which have given me the breathing space I needed.

What has astounded me the most is that I will think about something and in the distractions of other's needing help, the thought disappears. A while later something will come to my attention and that thought will be manifested. How cool is that?! I suppose this way, I don't have time to ponder and worry about something. I let it go without putting any complications or conditions on it and therefore it happens. The interruptions keep me present.

My grateful thanks to all who've been such an amazing support at work. This appreciation extends to my husband, who has been such a stalwart, incredibly steadfast, taking over whatever needs doing at the the house without complaint, while I get to grips with the job. 

We both know it won't be this crazy forever.

P.S Oh yeah, forgot to say that this past Thursday, after getting the vast amount of documents required together, we submitted our application for permanent residency.

P.P.S  I just walked into the kitchen to find Ashlee busy making her face cleanser, scrub, toner and body lotion. Greg just looked at me and said, "That's just like you, making your potions."

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