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What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, in between the tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

It takes while to ground into a new home

The song by REM called The One I Love has been playing in my head for the last two days.

I've been ignoring it until I sat down to write this post. So as I was curious I looked up the words and discovered that it is not a love song but about collapse instead. Using "props" to keep us occupied and distracted in this world.

It sort of made sense why I was hearing it. The current world is breaking down, exposure of all that is hidden and dark. We are being bombarded left right and centre - most of it centre stage where we cannot miss it.

We've experienced the first of three Supermooons on the 15th, next two on 14 of November and December. It is also the lead up to a year of new beginnings - 2017.

I have been on the go since October started. Travelling here there and everywhere. This weekend we were in Auckland visiting a friend from South Africa who is over on holiday with her brother. We've not seen her in about ten years. My heart goes out to her as she is desperate to leave South Africa and its violence, but is unable, through circumstances to do so.

Touching base with those from our past.

Tomorrow I am off to Adelaide for the annual Australasian sleep conference and am not back until Sunday night late. Once again travelling on my own, which I seem to have done a lot of this year.

I never thought I'd say this - I am a little tired of travelling :-)

Greg has been very busy while I've been away. He is like a Duracell bunny. The garden has been his baby. Which is rather a change from the UK when it was my baby. I find that I don't miss it too much, but take great joy in the things he has done and pleasure in the thriving of the plants under his tender loving care.

Inside is my domain when it comes to pot plants.

Greg started potting quite a few things and placing them like little soldiers on the deck in straight orderly lines. Lol, I think this his reaction due to my need in the UK to have an organic chaotic permaculture garden where there were no lines and not much structure. I'd been itching to re-arrange them more pleasantly, but hesitated to do so until eventually not able to stand it any longer, I asked.

He agreed it would be fine, so I did. It looks much better in little clusters of pots but does not detract from his hard work. We now have a compost heap, a vegetable garden, bird feeder and bird bath in the nicely pruned trees. He has cleared away under the copse of trees to make an area for a small table and chairs, a nice cool area for the summer heat.

I have today, dug a trench for the potatoes. It has been lovely to get my hands dirty.

We both still feel a little ungrounded. It takes a while to build up the "correct" energy where you live and as a result neither of us have felt comfortable enough to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. So intimately-wise things have been plodding along, neither of us wanting to committ to deeper exploration of our spiritual sexuality.

I feel that we are entering a time when this must change. We are being challenged in ways that make us gulp.

We were so comfortable in our house in the UK, after years of living there it was perfect for us. Not only do we have a different energy in NZ, but the house energy is a little...out of whack with us.

This takes some getting used and more than a little energy work. Kinda feel like we've ripped our roots out and are still smarting.

We've also found that our male/female energy has been challenging us over the last few years. Greg has taken it upon himself to try and make my life easy, comfortable and good, after watching, from the other side of the veil, the difficulties I've faced in every lifetime. As a masculine energy he wants to be in charge. I don't want him to be in charge, cos it makes me feel like a princess on a pedestal. I let it slide sometimes cos it always feels like such a battle. But then I take a deep breath and we go face to face battling it out. We are both aware that we are balancing the two aspects both equals in their own right but in very different ways. It is finding the fine line between the two - it's not been easy and still isn't - but we are getting there little by little.

Our personalities are different too. He is a Piscean dreamer whereas I am an Aquarian analytical thinker. He is water, I am air. I love all things organically unmanaged growing. He likes nice clean lines. And yet we are both dreamers and doers in our differing ways, leading to a complementing of each other.

I don't clutter my mind with irrelevant things - for example, I have a flight tomorrow. I've not bothered to store this info in my mind. I put everything in place and then forgot about it. Greg doesn't - he constantly goes over and over, always checking, making sure it all goes to plan and if not, he has some back up plans. It seems like such a waste of energy to me. I like to live in the present, rather than in tomorrow and what ifs.

But on the whole I think it works well. Well mostly it does...Greg lands up doing everything cos he wants it done yesterday, and well, my world works differently.

Even when I was living here on my own and he was in the UK, he used to plan everything for me, investigate and research. Lol, my lovely husband - I am grateful for the help but...um, did my own thing, proving to myself that I can do it without tight straight constraints.

We will all get to where we need to be eventually. It takes a lot of adjustment and difficulties, but as long as we laugh in between and have fun, it's all good.

There are major changes going on in this land of the long white cloud Aotearoa. I was somewhat surprised to find that they are not as clean/green as they portray. The recycling here is rather poor, the rivers poisoned by agricultural effluent. Only 30% of the electricity here is renewable - generated by geothermals, hydro-electricity, solar or wind. I expected more. The countryside is beautiful, but no more than anywhere else that I've been. But understandably it is a small isolated country and it needs to attract tourists and immigrants.

This year has been a whopper year for immigration. So much so that the government panicked and out of the blue introduced new harsher immigration laws in this last week or so.

It is almost as if we managed to get through the door and now it has slammed shut!

I love being here in the ancient land of Mu (Lemuria). It has such a deep energy that speaks to me in a very strong way. I do miss the UK, but its energy is far different from this. I feel like I've come home - I'm sure I've mentioned this before. My first physical incarnation was here and as this is my last incarnation on 3D earth, it is a completion of a cycle of many thousands of years. Greg does not feel the same, but I suspect that is because he's not incarnated before and therefore doesn't feel the same love for this place that I do.

The last four years since the walk-in has been a time for him to get to grips with this world and the body he currently has. It hasn't been easy for either of us. We've let spiritual things slide somewhat as I descended into the physical world of studying medicine and he understood his body, its physicality, emotions and mental aspect.

I have no idea whether we are here in NZ for a long time to settle or if it is a very short visit. The world is changing so fast anything is possible.

I experienced a week of dizzines at the beginning of October. My pineal gland has been opening up in leaps and bounds. I've also had what feels like muscle soreness in the area of my thymus gland. It comes and goes and is not unpleasant. I'm aware that my higher heart is opening even more and the thymus gland (which atrophies when we hit puberty) is being activated and will eventually grow. Thymus is linked to anti-aging and disease free bodies.

Exciting stuff, isn't it?!