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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Creating security

Our son and I are off to see Dr Strange this morning.

It is a ritual that we have. Whenever there is a new Marvel or DC movie that makes its appearance, we go and see it.

I've been made more and more aware of how my energy impacts upon my life.

Months ago, a few weeks after our furniture arrived, I got the first experience of how out of kilter my security was.

A car drove up our driveway (couldn't miss hearing it cos the exhaust was loud). Now, our driveway is long and runs up the side of the house. It parked in front of the garage and out hopped this very tall enormous (well built enormous, not fat) man dressed in camouflage.

Greg asked me if I was expecting someone. Not that I knew of, but so many unexpected things had been happening since I arrived in NZ that anything was possible.

The guy knocked on the door and when I opened asked me, "My car is spluttering as I've run out of gas. Can you lend me some money for gas?"

I remember staring at him in confusion. Gas? What car runs on gas? Then the penny dropped that he meant petrol!! Lol.

I said no and he was very pleasant and said that's okay, then he climbed in his car, reversed all the way down the driveway and left.

The whole episode left me completely puzzled. Why would he drive all the way up the driveway to ask a question like that. Lol...I know I sound naive. Greg said he thought he was casing the joint.

This was the universe giving me a heads up that I hadn't quite done the security thing properly.

Our neighbour'd had a break in at the same time, which kinda made us jittery. What the hell was going on with me and my world?

I saw the guy's car few days later in town, just to reinforce the message.

It turns out I was having too much fun, so much so that I'd neglected to properly put in place security around my property, car and myself.

When I talk about security I don't mean security as the world knows it - alarms, etc. The security I am talking about is that of energy. An energy that vibrates at such a high rate, that anyone with bad intentions will not see me or any of my property and even if they do, they will feel an aversion to coming anywhere near.

In the UK we didn't lock our back door. Our children never once had the keys to the front door. Everyone used to come and go through the back door. The whole house was infused with the security I'd set in place and regularly checked.

We have a very large crystal in the car that I programmed for protection. I gave it to Greg in the UK for his car as he was on the road such a lot. He brought it over with him and asked me to programme it again for this car and living in NZ, which I did.

So once a week now, as I did in the UK, I check the energetic perimeters of the property, the car and myself, as well as checking the crystal.