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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

State of Grace

"Grace" is the English translation of the Greek χάρις (charis) meaning "that which brings delight, joy, happiness, or good fortune" - Wikipedia

We are entering an age where the “state of grace” is going to be the norm. Of course we’ve known that this time of change, hard though it is, is bringing the world into a time of peace and happiness.

I had an epiphany the other day, whilst rolling up the belts that we use at work. The belts are used to attach pieces of equipment to patients when we monitor them at night and they have Velcro strips at either end. These tend to get all tangled up when washed and are a nightmare to untangle. I hate this job as it takes so long and is akin to untangling a ball of wool.

It suddenly struck me that I’d lost my ability to view ‘difficulties’ in my life from a positive angle. I’d always change the energy around difficulties and this would make them easier. I’d do things like sing to the belts, for example. By creating a more positive energy around them, they miraculously seemed to untangle themselves rather than become tighter.

Good grief, what has happened to me?

Over the last year I’ve started to feel more and more suppressed, as though the energy influxes were squeezing me out of shape. As a result I’d feel flat, my passion for life – the joie de vivre - gone.

Without realising it, I’d become a pessimist – always seeing, expecting and feeling the worst.

It was reflected in the world around me. Try as I might I could not find the depth of joy that I’d felt in the years prior.

I’ve come to understand that as we move to this state of grace, that which gave us ‘perceived happiness’ is/was not real. Everything is being stripped away and therefore as we find our feet in a truer state of grace, nothing in the old way works as all was created by the mind, hence the feeling of flatness and the distinct lack of passion.

We are changing our perception.

None of this knowledge is new to many of us…but the difference for me is that no longer is it an intellectual understanding, my body and emotions understand this difference too…and this makes it far easier to deal with.

Now that I am viewing it from a different perspective, it seems rather false, which is not great because everything feels like it was a lie. Of course it isn’t, because that is simply the way it was. Almost like being in the Trueman show and discovering that my life is not mine but an orchestrated way of life, not something that I chose. 

I did choose it mostly because that was the only way I knew how to choose, but it seems guided and controlled. Quite a shock to the system, once the realisation hits home, while at the same time it is freeing.

This has impacted somewhat, as I have been moving toward this epiphany, upon my personal life. All that I viewed as amazing and wonderful has slowly dulled until it became either unbearable or a bit of a wash-out. What is/was being requested of me by my Soul, was to let go of what I thought was love happiness and joy. This led me into a black hole or rather should I say - another one of the hundreds of ‘dark nights of the Soul’ that I have been through.

The intimacy of a relationship is going through radical changes too. The mind has always been in control of the sexual side of things, but as the heart takes over, it is necessary for a ‘time out’ in order that there are no challenges from outside whilst the inner planes re-work the mind and body’s perceptions.

A pause in sexual relations, whether with a partner or on our own, leads to the freeing up of the creative energy to be channeled to help the mind and body with the changes that we are experiencing. It gives the focus needed, rather than distracts. This allows us to eventually re-connect on a whole new level.

It takes a time, patience and a strongly grounded relationship (both with ourself and a partner, if you are part of a couple) in order for this to happen. The mind can play tricks by running all kinds of scenarios of negativity from ‘she/he doesn’t love me any more’ to ‘you’ve rejected me’ or 'I'm not good enough' or 'there is something wrong with me'. This can lead to cessations of relationships or a hatred of self or another if there is no understanding of what is happening at an inner and deeper level than we perceive with our minds.

Being best friends has the advantage of no sexual relationship looming large. I don’t believe that there is one intimate relationship that does not have a lot of tweaking to be done to reach the state of grace we are heading toward.

Taking time out shifts the priorities to really and truly ‘seeing’and ‘feeling’ that person, without the sexual undertow. 

Although abstinence is viewed in our society as something a 'loser' would do and mind chatter tells us that we are 'missing' something, there are a great deal of benefits to be had. One being that as a relationship changes and moves up a level, it gives the individuals in the 'coupleship' time to evaluate where they are without pressure.

This can make the relationship stronger in many ways, which, once again, depends on the individuals. Insights can lead to an ending, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is an ending of the relationship, but merely the ending of how the relationship was and, if we are brave enough, to step up to the plate to find our feet in the new relationship.

Sex in our society is/has been a currency. It doesn’t matter who we are. If we are brutally honest with ourselves, we have all used this currency to our advantage.

The time for this is ending.

I am indeed blessed with a partner who is prepared to follow where I flow (and vice versa), even though he may have a few grumbles, worries and fears that reflect my own. He trusts my judgement implicitly as I trust his and for this I am truly grateful.

We would never have taken on a mission of this magnitude during this incarnation if we were not equipped to handle it. We are laying the foundations of the new energy - much like the master craftsmen of ancient times who spent a lifetime building magnificent structures that we today are privileged to enjoy.

My heart sings with delight at the brief glimpses of what is ahead...finally...

Thank you, my love, for your willingness to venture with me into exciting, daunting and, a times, uncomfortable territories unknown, time and time again without hesitation.

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