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What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, even with tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Push It, Ancestors, Quails n stuff

Sometimes I think how lovely it would be to not have choice.

We all have choices, facing them every moment of every day. There is not one person who doesn't face choices daily, from how to react through to what to eat or wear.

These days the damn pendulum swings are hard and crazily fast.

One moment really happy to be here, the next wishing I was back in the UK...still. The Deputy Manager job at my old place of employment is still unfilled...hint hint.

We are on a blank page creating as we go along. The pendulum swings may seem extreme but along each swing is minute changes that are relevant to everything we do.

As we swing backwards and forwards we are trying to find where we want to be. Everything is raw, new and quite frankly, scary.

It may seem the same but it isn't.

We've changed, our world has changed and yet if we perceive it in the "same old same old" way, we won't see the beauty of the changes happening before our eyes.

Things have not remained the same in the Sleep Clinic either, or rather I should say that they have, but we are pushed to make changes at such a rapid rate we can't sit back for long and enjoy before we are on the move again. Thinking bigger wider and more out of the box than ever.

Yes it's tiring but exciting at the same time.

We can choose to be the same (with consequences of being pushed off the fence against your will) or move with speed embracing continuous change.

Push it - Salt n Pepa


About a month ago Greg and I had stopped on a long walk along the river to watch a family on the river bank with their dogs jumping in and out of the water with excitement. Out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing someone appear but when I looked there was no-one there. After the umpteenth time my eyes could focus properly. There was a mass of people watching us, waiting patiently for me to acknowledge them. At first I thought it was only Maori ancestors. On closer inspection I realised it was ancestors from all indigenous tribes across the world.

After exchanging greetings I waited for an explanation. A woman in the front of the group explained that they were here to help on the next phase of my journey. The first thing that popped into my mind was my medical guide that had appeared to me in 2010 at the Guild in London during a conference. He's been with me ever since. I looked for him, but he wasn't there. The woman assured me he was still around, but today was their time with me. It was a long in-depth conversation, much of which I cannot remember, but it doesn't really matter. It will unfold perfectly in every way as it usually does.


This morning sitting on the deck with my coffee enjoying the early morning coolness, I saw three cats converge on one point from various directions. A little pale ball ran down the length of the fence toward the chicken house. I chased the cats away and on closer inspection thought it was a small chicken. It seemed content to sit next to the fence in the sun once the cats were gone.

Greg arrived back from shopping. He thought it was a quail. We mulled over what to do with it while I did a Google search about quails. Finally, we hauled out the cat box/transporter, filled it with hay and cut grass, caught the quail - quite a friendly little fella and placed him in there with some water and chicken feed (have no idea what quails eat but thought chicken feed the next best thing!).

Greg found the Avian Wildlife Rehabilitation Trust on facebook here in Hamilton. I messaged the guy there about the quail asking what to do. Within three hours, he'd collected the little one and taken it back to the sanctuary. Job done!

Hope he/she/it is happy in its new home.


Tomorrow Traevis flies back to the UK. His friends from home have rallied around - he's got a home to go to and a couple of jobs lined up.

He's had a few farewell dos this last week. Tonight is a BBQ that we are hosting for him and friends.

I've been very sad and irate lately, as I worry about him. Silly, isn't it? He is old enough to sort himself out and yet here I am being the clucking mother hen. I'm going to miss having him around - he's such a cheerfully positive person. We always have fun together.

Mount Manganui

MataMata - Hobbit house

In Raglan yesterday sitting on the boardwalk after a long walk on the beach, we noticed a small pod (2 adults and a baby) of Orcas making their way from the harbour, down the lagoon towards the sea. I didn't have my phone with me otherwise I'd have taken a photo. I did a Google search - they seem to come here often.

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