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Friday, 5 August 2016

Raw food and homeopathy

We met this little fella on one of our walks in Hamilton, snoozing in the sun

One of my kitties is sick with a cold. Having never had a day of illness in his life, he is rather unhappy about this.

The fact that he has a cold reinforces my conviction that vaccinations make things worse rather than help. Both my cats were only ever treated with homeopathy and their yearly "vaccinations" were nosodes. The only time my homeopathic vet in the UK used an antibiotic was when our male cat was involved in a fight and was bitten on his tail. She was worried that if there was an infection it was too close to the spine to leave it to chance.

Because they were moving countries, the State Vets in both UK and NZ required that the cats be vaccinated the conventional way. And now my cat is sick with the very thing that he was vaccinated against!

I'd always heard that cat flu is very harmful to cats. Hmm, of course it isn't - more fear mongering by big pharma to get us to tow the line. It is no worse than one of us getting a cold. Of course it could lead to bronchitis or even pneumonia, but isn't likely as long as we look after ourselves.

Our first pet as a married couple was vaccinated and treated with steroids because she had a skin condition, which then impacted on her digestive system and she developed problems with her pancreas. It was only much later that I realised that I could have avoided this by feeding her raw food and treating her with homeopathy, which is what I did when the cats moved in.

I am very happy to report that I have found a place called Raw Essentials here in Hamilton that supplies raw food meals for cats and dogs. The vet, Rebecca, who runs this branch is qualified as a homeopath, YAY! My son's only smiling comment when we popped in there to take a look around was, "Mom's happy, she's made a new friend." Haha.

We've been buying from them since the cats arrived here in New Zealand. Oh boy, am I pleased not to have to cut it up myself anymore? Haha...after 11 years I finally get a break!

They have the most amazing mixes of food from wallaby and hare to alpaca and venison.

Mini Me
I dropped in to the shop to talk to Rebecca about my kitty's cold. She gave me some advice as well as a broth that they make called Essential Broth - kind of like a "chicken soup for the soul" for animals. It smells delicious. I learnt something new from her too. Leaky gut syndrome (Dysbiosis) caused by antibiotics. This broth helps heal the gut delivering essential nutrients to the body. It is made up of slow cooked bones and other connective tissue to form a nutrient-dense superfood.

Both cats love it. So I have decided to put it permanently on their menu.

Mini Me is still lethargic, but not sneezing as much and more importantly is eating and drinking.

At the moment he is lying on my side of the bed. I put the electric blanket on so he can snuggle up, sleep and heal. Every so often, Oddbod (the female tabby) cleans him and then curls up with him. He is so well loved.

Nothing better than a little love to make us feel better, eh?

Our garden has been claimed by a big black chicken that we have named Beyonce. We reckon she may come from the neighbours behind us, but are not sure. She spends most of her day, together with the six zillion house sparrows, scratching around. The rest of the time she rests in the copse of trees at the bottom of the garden.

Eating out at a restaurant - high living sparrows!
Maybe I should start looking around for eggs?

The house sparrows are such cheeky little fellows with a voracious appetite.

We also have a hedgehog living under the deck. We put vegetable peels and fruit out for him. Not sure if he ever gets to eat them because the chicken and house sparrows are quite ruthless when it comes to food. Everywhere we go we see hedgehogs. New Zealand seems to have an abundance of them.

Greg threw out some bread the other morning for the birds, but to his surprise it was wolfed down by a cat! This little black cat has a bell attached to his collar. We often hear him running around outside. He and Mini Me are friends. Lol...Mini Me has a Mini Me!

We seem to have an eclectic mix of animals who have chosen to share their space with us and I love it.

Sunday 7 August 2016 - Mini Me is back to his normal self, over his bout of illness much to our relief.