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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 4 July 2016

Moments of breathless excitement

Kia ora from Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud

It's been a while since I wrote anything or uploaded any photos...having too much fun. Kinda like living the experience without interference.

My hubby and son joined me mid-April and since then we've been on the go, sightseeing and experiencing the spectacular beauty that New Zealand has to offer in between me working.

My new job is hard work but I am learning so much in return. My colleague from the UK recently arrived to take up the second position available. It is so nice to have another familiar face. Unfortunately, we don't get to work together much, but outside of work we socialise.

A friend in France contacted me and reminded me of the vision I had a few years ago. At the time when we discussed it, we both thought it might be Canada. But were rather puzzled as neither of us could see me living in such a very cold place. Everything I "saw" then is now making sense. I keep having moments of breathless excitement.

This is an extract from that post called Crazy Nights:

"I was quite surprised when I spent time alone to find the underground world that I'd written about in my Cyclopes books. This makes me wonder if these stories were meant specifically for me to create and manifest what I want. Because it's all about creating this new world, how each of the entities involved were so used to a negative/destructive way of living, and were given a second chance to find a different far more harmonious way of existing.

We never know why something comes up or happens until a while later when all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

Trees, water, caves, mountains and hotsprings. I can so see us living there. I did a Google search and discovered that Canada seems to be covered in hotsprings, and those are only the known ones. I also believe there is a portal there because I've been given this info from Aeolus. I must admit that I am still slightly skeptical about the whole thing and the thought of moving across the sea again to somewhere completely different makes me shudder. 

My nights are filled with living and experiencing this beautiful 5D world that hubby and I are creating for our own space. I often come back to myself in the morning feeling fabulous and excited. It can be hard to maintain but I am getting better at it." 

So...here we are in New Zealand, the creation complete.

A totally unexpected curve ball, a place that was never on our radar. Trees, water, caves, mountains and hotsprings - all of it is here. We are surrounded. And - there is a portal at Te Aroha - the Mountain of Love, which is a short drive from here.

As it is winter here, it has been great to take advantage of the cold weather and visit the various hotsprings. We had a look at the ski-fields, not that either of us ski! But our daughter is coming out for two weeks in August and wants to snowboard. She learned to snowboard in France and hasn't had a chance since she left the UK to live in Australia.

Oh my word, I'd forgotten what life is like without central heating, double glazing and insulation. Yikes! Got me winter togs on even inside, cos its freezing inside the house. Condensation on the windows, everything feeling damp. Our poor heaters work overtime some days when the skies are clear and blue and the temperatures plummet to 1˚C. When it rains it is far warmer.

I spoke to my mother about it. She confirmed that this is what it's like in South Africa in winter. I assume it was the same when we lived there. I'd forgotten after living a life of luxury in the UK, where I didn't even need winter sheets the houses were so cosy and warm.

All our furniture has arrived. It is lovely to be surrounded by familiar things, although we left a LOT behind. Greg really had his work cut out for him packing up the house. Take my hat off to him. Unfortunately every time a container arrived, I happened to have worked the night before, so wasn't much help unpacking. Lol...that's my excuse...

He has been such a stalwart through this whole process. Keeps reminding me to be proud of myself. Suppose I should be, but it doesn't feel like I've done anything spectacular. While he was still in the UK he'd send me post addressed to me with those special letters after my name, just to remind me what I'd achieved.

The Kiwis' sense of humour is unlike anything I've encountered before. They come out with sayings that have you in fits of laughter. They are a "take me as you see me" kind of nation.

English is interspersed with Maori words, which initially had us scratching our heads. I went on a course to learn about the Maoris and loaned a dictionary so every time we hear something we can look it up. Reminds me of South Africa, where English is interspersed with Afrikaans.

Can you tell we are having a good time?

I will start uploading some of the photos that Greg has taken.