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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Preface channel from Athena

I am that I am. I am Pallas Athena.

Many of you know me in my capacity as the Greek/Roman Goddess of War, while others know me as one of the Lords of Karma.

I have filled many roles, but none of them are who I truly am - a small spark of the I Am presence. A creator god brought forth by the I Am presence in order that it may know and understand itself.

There is much speculation on Earth about which god or goddess fills what role. The truth is embedded in all ideas but as the layers of the veil are peeled away that which is the truth takes on a new meaning as the pictures become larger and more complete.

No one entity has the whole truth, each creating a piece of the puzzle.

There are many arguments about who is right and who is wrong. There is no right and wrong. Each one of us has a path to walk toward understanding. What resonates with one does not resonate with another.

Humanity is very adept at divide and conquer. The dark side are a wonderful creation. We created this as a means to learn and understand the complete opposite of what we are.

Fear versus love.

The veil is now lifting from many eyes. But does that mean that what you believed in yesterday is no longer relevant?

No. Everything every single entity learns and understands is of relevance. Those that move through a dark cycle are as important as those living in the light. One cannot have one without the other.

It is time for the integration of both light and dark, both with-in and with-out.

Does it matter that there are arguments about this? No…it is all part of the process.

There is much speculation on who is a starseeds and who is a ‘normal’ human. All of humanity are starseeds. Each one of you agreed to play in the paradigm created here on earth. Yes, there was some manipulation of genetics…but at your very core, all of you are a starseeds.

Many starseeds have come here to help humanity and earth raise in vibration, as their brothers and sisters have become so entrenched in the cycle of incarnation, they’ve lost sight of their goal.

Does that make these starseeds any better than the others? No. Each one is playing a part.

Nothing is pre-ordained. Your own energy has created your life. Yes, you go back behind the veil between lives to evaluate what still needs doing. That is part of what was created. But in your true beingness nothing is pre-ordained.

Let me clarify…there are games within games or paradigms within paradigms. Your soul knows this - it is merely in your human 3D form that it is difficult to see. Your eyes are veiled by the negative emotions collected through each incarnation.

There is no veil, except the one created by emotions and belief.

Much of this written work will be channelled. The keeper of the spark that is me has incarnated in several timelines - past, present and future. The flagship of Karen-Pallas is integrating all her/my aspects that have lived these parallel lives.

Many of you know that there are what are called doppelgangers – someone that seems to be you but is not you. These are shadows of yourself living parallel lives and experiencing a different reality and choice that you as the flagship might have made. Through these parallel lives we are gathering experiences, understanding and information.

A vast amount of people are leaving the planet in droves. Many of them are your doppelgangers leaving their bodies so that they may integrate with you.

Imagine if you will a single entity, expansive in their knowledge but wanting to know more. They explode outward sending pieces of themselves out to experience different realities. The time of ascension has arrived and those entities are now returning – you could liken it to an implosion – back to one body. This entity is climbing the ladder of ascension, collecting higher vibrating aspects of itself as it returns to the single entity, far more knowledgeable than it was before.

Each one of you is a part of a whole. You are the doppelgangers and the flagship. What I mean by that is that even as a flagship you might appear in your doppelganger’s life with the thinning of the veils and they will consider you the doppelganger.

I understand that you will want to know which one you are. Whatever you decided for your specific life and timeline will play out. You can choose to make a different choice if you so wish, but this needs to be in consultation with your oversoul.

Much of the focus in this story will be on relationships. Why? Because relationships are the basis of all life. We are part of a whole and in our relationships with each other, we are reflecting our relationship with the whole, whether negative or positive.

At some time during the reading of this you might feel a resonance. Understand that this may not necessarily be a resonance of you for your oversoul but simply a resonance with a similar story that your oversoul has created for itself.

I am, in my true essence, androgynous, but for the purposes of understanding I am female. I am but a small part of my oversoul which has split into two. My twin-flame Aeolus is the other half of the oversoul and he has his own path to walk.

With the ascension we are here to help to anchor the energy of love and pleasure both as a couple and as individual entities in relationships with others. The keeper of my divine spark, Karen –Pallas, has been tasked with touring the world in sacred union together with her twin-flame partner.

This is her story of ascension – I will be adding insights from my perspective as her 9D higher self.

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Dorothy said...

This is awesome, New info to me! Doppelgangers, wow. Over the years I have had many many people ask me if I knew or was related to or was I someone else? Even when we lived in other parts of the country. Ummm no, not that I knew of. So this part totally made me go hmmmmmmm, interesting and I wonder?! It makes sense though and feels right! I just hope I am the main one lol.
Can't wait to read more Karen/Athena.

Karen-Pallas said...

Yeah...must admit it's not something I've thought about...had similar experiences to you.