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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Louise Hay: List of Illnesses, Metaphysical Causes and Affirmations

Apologies to those who regularly refer to this post. I received an email (below) this morning from Blogger. I will leave this up for a while as explanation for the disappearance of the content. I will eventually delete the post altogether.

24 July 2017:

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Loly Almousa said...

Thank you so much
But i am looking for children causes of disease,,, my son 1 year and 9 months has acid reflux, sever food allergy (sesame, egg and nuts) and now he just discharged from hospital because he had pneumonia, and he catches pneumonia because he has seasonal allergy (Autumn) please help me find his causes, and is that because of me ? He can't understand Affirmative words yet

Karen Cottle said...

Hi Loly
The only thing I can suggest is trying some EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as you can do the tapping on your son. YouTube has many videos on this technique.